Wonderful Winter Hanoi 8D7N

Winter Hanoi (Dec 2018)
Friends of 3pax traveling together with total spending of per pax was just RM1819.57
Where and How we did it?

Winter Wonderland Japan 6Days

A Wonderful 6Day Winter Experience in Japan
Kyoto> Nagoya> Shirakawa-go> Takayama > Fujigoko> Tokyo

Mamonde Flower Toner Series

A flower inspired & beauty extract into our daily life
A natural beauty innovation which blooms our beauty from in to out.
Mamonde has relaunched their famous Flower Toner Series with content refined and delicate than ever.

Lip Pure: The Purest for Lips

Mamonde Flower Facial Mask

Feeling Goddess Within

Lano Soft Lip Balm

SUGAO | 素颜 J-Beauty

A sheer of lightness.
A sheer of softness.
SUGAO is a Japanese make up series that draw naturality of art onto my face.

Brasaria | Jaya One

Pollo A La Brasa | Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel

Stay Indoor & Stay Protected.
Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Mild Gel SPF30 PA++ is made to defend against UV Rays, Free Radicals & Pollution.

Ours Eatery | Damansara City Mall

Eat Good Feel Good

My Fitness Journey | 12 Week Transformation Challenge

What was your new year resolution you listed EVERY YEAR?
What was the 'every day's wish' you had started to do every time you indulged something real guilty

But it never happened?

I made mine happened.
So let me share my journey with you & i'm keeping it lifelong sustainable.

[Disclaimer, or, Read at Your Own Risk]
Much of the information on this article in amanechong.blogspot.com are purely base on my personal experience & journey. Methods described and ingredients listed in this article works effectively on me but it may not be well on you. I may not be making any accuracy in any form of research or information i had experience through my journey and do not take any responsible on any actions you take upon the information in this website is strictly at your own risk. Also, i will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of the content stated.

Water Lip Tone Up CC

Have a CC lip balm to correct your lip tone & live up your day beautifully!

Kakigori: Sweet Potato & Elderberry

A Sweet Date of You & Me <3

Mentholatum: Premium Rich Moist LipBalm & LipIce Tinted LipBalm

A perfect day starts with a beautiful smile!
But what's most important behind that smile, lips care are important to have the beautiful glow to go along with your smile :)

What's best is when your lip balm comes with rich moist tint <3

Fiskee Dough | Empire Damansara

Nothing beats the evening sunset & dessert served.