Sushi TSEN @ Atria Shopping Gallery

It's REAL exiting when i am writting this entry.
The CHEAPEST SUSHI is finally here in DAMANSARA!

Let me introduce you Sushi TSEN鲜
TSEN in chinese means FRESH.
Thus, i guess their aim is to serve you cheap fresh quality of food they can serve you in town.

How cheap is their sushi?
With the starting price from RM1.80 to RM3.80, 
and they only serve whatever they had stated in their menu, subject to availability. ahahah!
Yes, they are serious with their pricing.

Atria Shopping Gallery has been revamped into a new neighborhood shopping gallery in Damansara Jaya. When they opened on 28th May 2015, there was a big crowd of people crowding in the mall, specially for us who grown up in Damansara and Atria was our only shopping centre back then.
Memories Memories Memories!

Sushi Tsen locate at the top floor of Atria Shopping Gallery
Somewhere before Daiso, near the open center court.

When you walk in, they will serve you with 2 type of menu, 
1 sushi menu, 1 ala carte menu
When you flip out the sushi menu, they have got those basic kind of sushi which is good enough to fill your cravings and compulsive ordering.

Of course they have got a sushi belt for your viewing in case you missed anything in the menu!

So me & my colleague took the RM1.80 (pink plate) sushi
(Left) Ebiko & Chuka Kurage (Right)

I guess all these are very standard in tasting compare to any other sushi store out there.
But it's a good fair of pricing!

Then i took the Salmon Mayo (left) & Tamago (right)

I would also like to highlight that the size of the sushi is slightly smaller but it's decent mouthful piece for you to eat. And the rice somehow is neat & compact too.

I also ordered an ala carte dish. Because i was craving for fish!
Thus i ordered the salt grilled mackerel + a bowl of white rice
The Mackerel is perfectly grilled and the meat are very juicy.
Even when it's chilled, it is still very juicy.. yummmmmm!

And my colleague ordered Scallop with Egg, rice set
comes with a bowl of miso soup.

My colleague was very very happy with his meal!

If you are wondering what else they are serving in the menu,
i took a few pictures for my own record so i can recommend my friends to go for a cheap lunch!

So these are 'some' of the pages in their menu
Not too expensive right?

They also have got a variety of noodles.

And also the Temaki series and chawanmushi!!
It's a must must must!

I was practically really full when i finished my meal thus i will be back to try out their other varieties in the menu.
And i am very very interested in their TSEN TEA series where you can order a any kind of tea and they will serve it in a tea pot with minimun 2 serving cup.   

But they are not ready to be serve in the shop yet. :(

So this is how Sushi TSEN looks like.
I like their fit out design as they painted the structures outline in orange and mixing it with the brown toning to sooth down the bright colors in the interior. 
Fair bright of lighting but the place is somewhat a little compact for such a small place to cater so many people. Also, their tables are slightly smaller too.

Else wise, everything is very positive and my total bill for the lunch was just RM24.20!
Check them out at Damansara Jaya Atria Shopping Gallery!

Sushi Tsen
Third Floor, lot TK9
Atria Shopping Gallery