Bollywood Professional Make Up & Cosmetic Party

Read my title of his post!
It got me curious.
Just like how curious you are now.

Bollywood Pro is far the world largest & popular cosmetic in the movie industry!
This is the secret behind the dazzling look from all the Bollywood Movie Superstar!

Thanks to Muse by Watson for inviting me to their #MuseBeautyTalk 
Lets Read On!

Bollywood to us all are being educated through their movie style & culture.
Running under the hot glaring sun & action throughout the whole movie with FULL MAKE UP.
So when i was young, i am always curious how many NG they took for one scene?

Until i was invited to the Bollywood Professional event (thansk to Muse by Watson), it got me love struck in their product range they carry and the detailed fabrication in their product was well impressed on that day.

What is Bollywood Professional?
Developed & manufactured in New York, specially fabricated with care in outlook & under skin benefits with innovative, superior & finest formula, dynamic colors & effects you can find in every range they produced.

What Benefits?
Bollywood Pro products contain Vitamin C & Hydrating benefits from the basic steps of Prime, Face, Eyes, Cheeks & Lips. While we are wearing their cosmetic, we are also moisturizing & nourishing our skin.

Who is suitable for Bollywood Cosmetic?
Everyone! It is made with every skin type tone & age. From rich, dark to fairest skin color.

Why the name Bollywood?
Because when the name Bollywood comes into your mind, the first thing you can think of their ladies are their perfect face feature with full cosmetic all day long. Yes, they are really wearing Bollywood cosmetic, thus they are expanding their products worldwide so that everyone could achieve the same long lasting dazzling look as we remember about them. 

Below pictures are the products displayed in Muse by Watson, Sunway Pyramid.
You can drop by to have a grip look & testing them for sure!
The lipstick & lip gloss range.
The lipstick is really quite moistured & very easy to apply on my dry peeling lips.

 And their tools are all in vibrant pink.

They have got loads of eyeshadow & contouring powder for your selection! 
I literally went a little panic here because everything look so nice on my skin!

 And Bollywood Pro is very very famous with their primer & foundation.
Because to have a good & long lasting make up, you need a very good foundation!

I was advised to take a one tone lighter of my skin.
I asked the make up artist why, she said is because every foundation use more than few hours, our skin somehow will produce a little oil out. When the oil touches the foundation it will darken the cream color. (applies to every foundation sold in the market)

 And types of foundation powder!
Their packaging is simple & straight forward.

The color combination of their pink tools & products in sexy black are like what every girl would dream to own it!

So the party comes with a free make up with Bollywood Pro products.
I was getting an upclose experience with the cosmetic and there are some little things i would like to express later. 

And in this below picture you can see that this is my 'after' make up pictures.
I am holding one of the Bollywood Pro's hot sale tool.
Their brush is really soft and blushes the powder very adequate on the skin.

What do i think about Bollywood Pro?
I like their foundation products on my first try. In the previous picture above, i had some of the creme on my hand and i applied the same creme onto my face. You can see that it doesnt faint out my skin like total white but perhaps a very smooth blending texture & outcome with my facial.
And the make up artist personally told me Bollywood Pro's foundation is by far her l the best foundation she had ever recommended And if my budget allow, we should consider in purchase it.

Of course the party comes with the Bollywood Pro founder Rani Birring herself!
She is so tall & slim! i couldn't get my eyes off her figure.

And she was wearing this typical Bollywood make up with black eye lining. It is not hard to conclude that she herself is wearing the best out of Bollywood Pro products all over on her.
And her skin was very very good with the make up on.
Left: Rani Birring giving speech | Right: Selfie with blogger Priya & Rani Birring herself.
Not everyone is suitable with the specific green dress that she is wearing, but Rani was very bold & daring in her outfit and it just fits her personality so well that you know by look she surely is a daring but yet very very sweet friendly in personality.

Just like Bollywood Pro, Perfect make up while it Nourishing under your skin.
Rani Birring is bold on her outlook but sweet in her personality.
And Bollywood Pro launched a very caramel sweet perfume!
Bollywood Star Perfume.
It smells like sweet vanilla & the bottle is very very beautiful!

Of course there must be more selfie in this event.
Left: I'm with the sweet blogger Adeline & Muse by Watson's brand manager Amanda
Right: with the beautiful blogger Julianna

Their product range is actually quite afforable for it's quality & not to forget it stays long lasting. Range between Rm50~RM200 depending on what you are looking at. All inclusive of 6% GST too.
For more info about their products, please do visit their respective website for more information. ;)
Please do drop by to Muse by Watson at Sunway Pyramid too! 


Hours: 10am - 10pm
Phone 03 56241261
Address: Sunway Pyramid LG1.59, Lower Ground One, No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan


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