Biogreen | Pink Lady Oatmilk

I have been hiatus for a month & took some 'me' time in the past few weeks.
This is because i have been detoxing & caught myself a big fever and flu then food poisoning during the beautiful november.

So i stopped detoxing, and start taking Biogreen's Pink Lady Oatmilk to maintain a healthy body & also curing my constipation problem.

It got me curious why it is call pink lady.
And the oatmilk powder inside is in pinkish, at first i thought it was all about colouring.
But then it comes to make sense of the type of ingredient they used to make the Pink Lady Oatmilk which make it special looking & also attractive.
Despite of the cover packaging. :P

It's the beetroot that gives most coloring in the content. Natural coloring and good source of iron & folic acids to increase blood count, improve menstrual pain & promote healthy blood circulation and skin complexion. 

Pink Lady Oatmilk is not just a combination of oats & wheats, but it is also a combination of grains in which benefit to our body & health.
My mom always cook 10grain rice for every meal. Thus it is not a stranger to me when i was reading the content of Pink lady oatmilk.

So if you are a pharmacist or health conscious type of person, they even elaborate more content used in the oatmilk.  

Awesome part is that in 2 table spoon it already contain about 2.6% of dietary fibre. In natural manner.

So i got two bottle, left is old right is new.
When you open a new tin, it tends to tight sealed with alu foil on the opening.
So you need to use a knife to open it, then it will looks like on the left where you can see your pink oatmilk powder inside. Very very seductive color.

And through the labelled content, we are suggested to mix 2 tablespoon of oatmilk into a cup or a shaker. I prefer it to be in shaker cuz i can mix it better in shaking than in stirring.

Then pour in 250ml of water into the shaker. Shake or Stir it.
Tasted like a little of beetroot too.

It is advice to drink this oatmilk at least 20mins to 30mins before your breakfast. 
This is because your intestine tends to absorb better in the morning and especially before you consume any food.
This is because most of us do not consume enough correct nutrient to our body thus we tend to have constipation, gaining weight or tummy bloating. When your body do not get certain nutrients from your daily content, we tend to also have alot of problems in our body.

Here are the things i always occur
Constipation = big tummy & you need to eat alot of fruits
Gaining Weight = Fat & lazy to move
Tummy Bloating = you cant eat much & keep drinking ginger.

But ever since i started with Biogreen Pink Lady Oatmilk, i find that i have daily bowel movement, of course you need to drink alot alot of water too. It is a little heaty for the 250ml but drinking alot of water too will benefit our skin so it is no harm. We need to drink at least 8glass of water daily anyway.

One thing to highlight is that this oatmilk tend to keep you full throughout the whole morning.
And it is also advice to only eat light meals in the morning after your drink. 

Also, up to my suggestion is that dont drink this oatmilk powder everyday, because your intesting tends to get immune with it after a month, so to get it work better in it suppose function to our body, I would suggest to drink it during weekday Monday to Friday or alternative days. Have yourself a nice weekend and then start it all over again on weekday. 

You can consult your nutritionist on this matter to suit your body condition.

Where to get it?
You can get it in any Biogreen or BMS Organics outlets in Malaysia. One tin of Pink Lady Oatmilk can last u up to 2 months depending on your frequent consumption.


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