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Pollo A La Brasa | Peruvian Charcoal Chicken

Its weird sometimes that simple dish can have assort methods in prepping & cooking it.
Example chicken, a basic source of known protein everyone could think of.
You can bake it, panfry, grill or boil it for your meal but when you add some simple spices or herbs it could differ the taste.

And of course, the knowledge of cooking temperature & methods will affect the quality of your dish.
I was lucky to ventured my taste in BASARIA, Jaya One.
Fair cost, simple dish, different flavor.

Pollo A La Brasa is one of the most consumed dishes in Peru.
Brasaria marinated their chickens overnight in a blend of spices and then turned slowly over voluptuous flames for several hours to bring you the juiciest, tasty meat.

With a cute Pinata display on the entrance & a loud vibrant interior.
You might be curious over their boldness in design interm of their pattern & layout.
It feels fit for a happy gathering with all the fun color splashing between.

Simple & easy undeerstanding menu.
Pricing is good & description are fairly done.

They have Quater Chicken (The Baby", Half Chicken "The Fatty", Whole Chicken "The Boss"
You can choose to have it ala carte or set.

Then you choose your choice of sauce.
"Aji Mild" tasted like a mild mayo pesto kind.
"Aji Hot" was spicy, thus i could not imagine how "Aji Atomic" would be. If you game it please tell me how it goes for you. haha!

Thus i went to the place a few times thus the photo might differ in terms of the tone due to my different time of visit.

Quarter Chicken with Salad Green & Slaw
Chicken Skewer with Salad Green & Fries

The chicken skewer were so juicy & the quarter chicken was very tender.
Salad Green was drizzled with fair amount of olive oil.
Nothing was over done or drench in sauces & oil.
The only thing was the slaw has got too much mayo in it.

Chicken Skewer
Again, nothing is oily.

Quarter Chicken 'The Baby' with Latin Trio & Salad Green
Latin Trio is Grilled banana, sweet potato & pineapple

Quarter Chicken 'The Baby' with Fries (with sausage) & Salad Green

Quarter Chicken 'The Baby' Drumstick with Latin Trio & Salad Green

Tenderness of the meat

Quarter Chicken 'The Baby' with Latin Trio & Peas Saltado
Peas Saltado is actually stirfry snow peas and black eye peas with onion & peppers
It might get a little spicy cuz of the generous amount of pepper they toss into it.

But i was satiated with it.

If you go on weekday lunch, they have got RM14.90 promo of the Quarter Chicken & one side dish choice. They are also featured in offpeak so you might catch their 20% or more. One weekday 3pm to 6pm they have got 30% for student. The best of all, every RM20 you spent you will get a stamp on the Brasaria's redemption card. When you collected 10 stamp in one card you will get a FREE quater chicken set!

Why i love this place?
They have got juicy & tender chicken. Grilled & flavorful. Almost oil free & quite a clean eat in their menu. But personally tasted the Spaghetti Pesto & felt the pasta is a overcook. Frieds is not warm but amazing part its not hard to chew nor oily.

They keep their menu simple & minimal in choice as it is.
Juice of the day you can even request for sugarfree!
So it's not hard for me to not love as it is quite clean (almost oil free & sugarfree) to fit into my fitness need.

Located on Ground Floor, next to the escalator of KimchiHaru & Mynews

Address: D-59-G, Block D, Jaya One, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Hours: Daily 11:30AM–9PM
Phone: +60 3-7627 4626


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