Mamonde Flower Toner Series

A flower inspired & beauty extract into our daily life
A natural beauty innovation which blooms our beauty from in to out.
Mamonde has relaunched their famous Flower Toner Series with content refined and delicate than ever.
Mamonde was having an Inspired Rose Garden Pop Up from Seoul in Mid Valley Mall event with the boundaries decorated with beautiful greens and floral attached to all their products. 

Their branding color brought out the sunny shade of the atmosphere, having to feel the scent and warmth of sun glowing onto our cheek.
Whats even better is when you feel that you are in the middle of the garden experiencing the ever wonder glass house garden in middle of the event.

Mamonde has got a various product range from cleanser, toner to moisturizing and cosmetic.
And what is unique is that they have 5 type of flower in every range to suit all kind of skin type.

Mamonde Flower Toner Series
One of the best selling product and comes in 5 type of flower extraction

Rose Water Toner
All Skin Type
infuse with almost 91% of rose water to provide an excellent soothing and moisturizing skin
Absorbs real quick into the skin and leaving a soft clear vibrant complexion.

It has a sweet rose scent in this toner, its smells something like you are brewing a cup of rose tea.

Chamomile Toner
Sensitive Skin
Helps in soothing and alleviates inflammation skin.
Also it has a suitable moisture impact to suit sensitive skin and it has a subtle scent too.

Buckwheat Honey Toner
Dry & Wrinkle Skin
Contain high level of enzymes and antibacterial to protect skin from exposure.

Dry skin actually need a stronger effort of care where our skin is craving to be hydrate
Its like us being thirsty craving for more water.
This is a savior for our skin

Plum Blossom Aqua Peel Toner
Dry & Combination Skin
Contain Anti-Oxidant while moisturizing & purifying for a clear flawless complex. It tightens the skin due to the high content of organic acids and making balance of hydration into our skin.

Heartleaf Houttuynia Pore Clean Toner
Oily Skin
Heartleaf Houttuynia is a type of native flower where is widely used in traditional medicine and herbs for its richness in protein, mineral and vitamin B.

It has a double layered content where you need to shake the bottle before use. It helps to control sebum, tighten the pores and keeping a soft supple skin.

With 5 type of flower series, covering all type of skins you are troubled
Have a look at their beautiful made promotion clip for more info!

 Mamonde representative was explaining that us girls are fragile like flowers,
in order to have a well maintain and beautiful skin blooming daily, our basic routine are not to be skipped and products must be chosen wisely.

Having mamonde which extract naturally from the nature would helps in the basics as just like when we are potting a rose, we only need essential of water, sun, shading & also a weekly routine of fertilizer to the pot of rose. So the rose will keep growing and blooming.

We are like the rose
Our skin need water (hydration), some sunlight & shading (vitamin C & sun screen), also a boost of essense and moisturizing. The relevant does make sense doesnt it? <3

I am actually a Mamonde user
I bought their rose moisture gel and apply it daily onto my skin before i sleep.
So far their products never disappoint me and my skin do feel refresh on the next day.

What is even better is that when you have the full range from toner, mask, moisturizer could have a deeper and better impact. And on my first try on the toner i was already amazed.

Rose Water Toner & Pore Clean Toner.

Toner is known to use it daily after cleansing your face.
Mamone rose water toner is widely well-known, this could be apply day night/ daily basis.
Where the pore clean toner are advise to use once or twice a week.

Below pic you could see better on the Pore Clean Toner double layering in the content. It will helps to clear your pore and skin blockage.

No worries on their product's hygiene or exposure.
They always sealed their products nicely to lock the content seal fresh inside.

They even double sealed it inside.
This one was slightly hard to peal but it definitely gave me much more confident in using the product over their quality.

So on my first try of Pore Clean Toner.
I was mentioning it has an immediate effect.

So after cleansing my face i actually apply rose toner to feel the impact of it to my skin.
Smells nice and very refreshing on my skin. It absorbs real fast too.

But what i wanted to highlight is that Pore Clean Toner looks clear on my cotton pad and you can clearly see my fingers exposing beneath.

Then i gently brush it onto my face until the cotton pad is dry
and i got shock the way out of my minute in life.

My cotton pad was black.
That's how clean is my face even though i go facial every month. ohmy...

With a good basic product routine, will definitely boost your complexion and having less make up on face the greatest gift every exist you can give to yourself.

Why not head over to Mamonde now and get yourself tested today!
Exploring the nature within you can give to your skin could be what your future could thank you for the changes you made today.
I definitely will have a clean pore now using Heartleaf Houttuynia Pore Clean Toner

Thank you Mamonde for having me <3

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