Coco Ichibanya: How Curry Hot you can Go?

Have you tried a Japanese Curry before?
or i should say... 
Do you know Japanese Curry has got load of spices variety in flavoring & leveling?

It was an honored to be invited to Coco Ichibanya, One Utama.
And thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia.
I get to tried Coco Ichibanya's Japanese Curry
The FIRST Japanese Curry Specialist House who sell everything in the menu with CURRY.

And the surprising part is that a few of my Japanese friend approached me and asked me how the curry tasted in Malaysia? As Coco Ichibanya is very famous in Japan, of it's Hot Spicy Leveling.
These are some of the food displayed at the entrance of the shop facade.
All pricing are clearly displayed for your viewing.
The food coloring are as 80% similar to as served.

 This is how the facade of the restaurant look
Locate at Lot LG 333A, Lower Ground (New Wing) 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Opposite to Kluang Station, Next to Bread Story & Teh Tarik Place

Before writting about the food. I would like to highlight about the space.
The Space are all in white & light green frosted color glass
It gives people a very bright & cooling interior

And they touch up some coziness through the red pendant color
So that you will not feel it's so 'stranger cold' manner
and with the light wood texture of flooring, it gives another level of friendly ambiance toning up the whiteness. 

All seating are soft cushioned.
So Comfy!

Lets talk about the food.
As a frequent shopper in One Utama, i always got myself curious about this restaurant.
It only sell Japanese Curry how it can sustain by just selling ONE TYPE OF CURRY with different dish serving?

So, i got my eyes widen with their menu content!
So you can customize your dish!

Example, their Pork Cutlet Rice is RM21 with standard of 230g rice served.
So you want this Pork Cutlet Rice RM21,  lesser to 150g rice -RM3 , any level of spiciness level 1-5, standard sauce. Your total bil for the Pork Cutlet is RM18.
And if you want Menu Set B, just top up with another RM9!
And you can even top up with other toppings of your selection.

So at this page, i went awe because this is not just a Typical Japanese Curry Rice Restaurant.
But you can customize your food to suit your taste & tummy!

We are served with the top seller dishes in the house!
(Top Left) Wagyu Beef Steak Curry, Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry
(Bottom Left) Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry, Beed Yakiniku Curry
Also, they served an extra level5 sauce for us to taste the HOTNESS!

Wagyu Beef Steak Curry RM48
The Meat is very tender & juicy!
The beef thickness is as thick as your finger and it's not fatty.

Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry RM23
Not overly creamed on my first few bits and also it tasted very mushroom delicious!
Then the omelette wrapped combination was just perfect as the egg was not overly cooked.

Beef Yakiniku Curry RM23
The beef slices were very tender even when it's chilled!

 Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry RM26
Pork Cutlet is still very tender & juicy when you bite in.
Not overly fried with flour too.

And the omelette goes very well with the sauce as it melts in your tongue like butter.

Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise Curry RM24

 Of course not everything is in curry.
There is always salad for appetizer & keep your tongue refreshing before the heavy tasting.
Bacon & Pumpkin Salad Goma RM8
Smoked Salmon Salad Goma RM10

 I liked their bacon & pumpkin salad, not because of the bacon strips but their pumpkin!
The pumpkin is cooked & kept chilled and it was fresh and not jelly soft at all.
The combination was just perfect & it tasted very indifferently refreshing.
As for the Smoked Salmon, the salmon was fresh! topped with boiled egg (flaked)

Also their drinks are very tempting looking.
(Left) Lemon Tea RM8
(Middle) Mango Peach Juice RM9
(Right) Lemon Soda RM9

And it was so sweet of the owner that we got a complimentary portion of dessert

 Macha & Vanilla Ice cream RM12

There is 5 level of spiciness in the Malaysia outlet 
(Japan has got Level 10)
Let me describe to you what i think about all levels i tasted. 
*Note that i can take spiciness very well.

Level 1 - Sweet Curry Sauce
Level 2 - Standard Curry to me
Level 3 - Sweet and a little curry spices in tongue
Level 4 - Tasted Curry Spiciness but bearable.
Level 5 - The Curry slowly bursting in your mouth after my first spoonful of tasting. The more you eat the spicy it goes on.

So the level 5 is probably very spicy to those who dont take chili.
And the Curry sauce was very thick & heavy in tasting, thus the standard portion of rice (230g) with the curry sauce actually can keep you very full until the evening.
Probably to some people will feel that they only tasted ONE THING after finishing the dish;
the curry sauce, not the meat/dish. So you might feel curry-full in the end.

Address: One Utama, LG333A, Lower ground, New Wing. 
Contact: 603- 7732 8937 

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