SUGAO | 素颜 J-Beauty

A sheer of lightness.
A sheer of softness.
SUGAO is a Japanese make up series that draw naturality of art onto my face.

SUGAO is a Japanese word means 素颜. Nude Naturality Face.
The product meant to give our facial a light transparent feeling kind of make up which look effortlessly after making up. And in orderly to look 'effortlessly', the outcome got to achieve an airy, natural, carefree kind of facial which brighten up your aura 'effortlessly'.

SUGAO has got minimal released product to achieve that Nude Naturality Make Up.
1. Air Fit CC Cream
2. Cheek & Lip
3. Lip Tint
4. Chiffon Powder

Below is my nude face before i apply any make up.

Air Fit CC Cream
light souffle texture & gives my skin a great spread of smoothness.
I only needed a few tips of spread onto my face & all my pores are covered evenly so as my skintone adjusted. Moreover, it absorbs excess sebum on skin surface effectively so i can last long hours throughout the day.

Comes with 4 shades of color.
As my skintone is darker, i recommend using the light beige or purple shade to brighten my skin.
And it comes with SPF 23PA+++

Yes, i look better after i apply make up.
Who's not? lol

SUGAO Cheek & Lip
I love this cream

It blends very well onto my skin & gives a very light natural shade of cherry red on my cheek.
Also to mention, it's not glossy kind of cream but MATTE.
I also apply this cream onto my lips.

SUGAO Lip Tint

Available in 3 different color.
Juicy Red, Sweet Pink & Apricot Pink.
It is water like texture & gives a long lasting stay on lips without smudging.

SUGAO Chiffon Powder

Comes in 3type of shades too.

This is good to carry around in my bag so that i can apply it throughout the day.
It suppose to absorb sebum & reduces oil onto the skin surface. So it keeps our skin fresh & giving a balance skin tone looking flawlessly.

All these are available in WATSON outlet nationwide.
Price range are between RM45.90 ~ RM69.90 thus i would say it's affordable with good coverage impact for daily usage.

It's a new love!


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