[Non Halal] Donsadon @ Jeju Pork Buffet [UNLIMITED]

*Update 2016 Sept: Unfortunately, DONSADON is now closed.
But please do read on to grab some idea of Jeju Style BBQ!*

It has been a trend that people like us love to dine in numerous korean restaurant or we tend to stick to one comfortable restaurant in which we love. But it got me curious how well do we even know the type or the differences of Korean Authentic Delicacies from different province?

I went to Korea twice and only been to Seoul & Jeju.
One of the difference in their culture is definitely their food.
Just like us Malaysia, we are all malaysians but different state serving different type of laksa & nasi.

It was a lucky to have met this korean manager & his lovely wife almost more than 6 months ago in a different korean restaurant. And being as a friend, he texted me to tell me about this new Korean BBQ Restaurant serving a rather authentic Jeju Style of Pork & Dishes.

And the best of all, it's PORK BUFFET, in JEJU STYLE, for RM29.99+ per pax.
Unlimited refill, the only limit is how much you can consume?
Donsadon at Solaris SohoKL

Take the escalator up from Haagen Daz at SohoKL.
Directly you will see Donsadon on your right.
If you know barfly sohoKL, it's right at the opposite of the back unit.

It has simple facade, simple layout & simple design

Because during BBQ, we tend to mess the table up
thus their interior set up is real straight forward & simple.
Also, you can keep your bag safe inside their black chair with the cushion top cover open & closed for sitting.

No magic tricks inside no worries ;)

I was with a few bloggers along checking out with this very new BBQ Restaurant because good things needed to be shared & experience for the first time together. hahaha!
When we sit down and ordered for the Pork Buffet, immediately our table is set up with alot of different type of nice smelling Korean side dish & sauces on the table.

You can see the Pork meat is quite huge in portion on the table.
They actually 60% cooked the meat in the kitchen then only BBQ it on the pit at your table.

So that you wont need to have the long wait of hunger for the meat to get ready cook.

Also, it tends to lock the juice of the meat too.

So you can see they serve their sides very neatly according to it's category.
Left is their imported jeju style sauces or marinated dishes and Right is the typical korean sides.

But if you are a frequent korean diners, you would like to try their kimchi.
It's not sour nor sweet, the taste is simply as closest as you can find in Korea home base taste.

So they will help you to cook the meat and cut them up for you when it's ready to serve.
They even grill the kimchi in the pit so that when you wrapped it with your meat you will taste the hot kimchi spices & its juices in your mouth.

No. The chilli is not spicy at all, the korean demo on the spot eating it RAW while dipping it with the sauces on the table. O.O!

So their setting up seems very simple but the gem is actually hidden all within their sauces.

Why i am saying this?
This is because they have different set of marinated/fermented dishes.
Marinated Octopus, Fish Savory Paste, Salty Marinate & Marinate Raw Fresh Sotong.
Everything about on the left sides of the sauces on the table are all imported from Jeju.

You can keep refilling them as long as you finishes them.

One thing i would like to highlight is that their meat are not thin in slices.
They actually serve it in mouthful chunk.

Very big chunk.

So the inhouse korean manager thought us how to enjoy the meat with their sauces.
They would advice us to just scoop a teaspoon size of sauces and topped it on the meat.
Then enjoy it through any veg wrapping, especially on the sesame leaf.

He was explaining that alot of people feel very salty or too much flavoring in their mouth due to the wrong consumption amount of the sauces on the meat.
A teaspoon or less would be suggested so that we get to enjoy the taste of the juicy meat.

And it was recommended to eat it with their marinated sesame leaf.
Refreshing in mouth.

Of course we need to eat it in a korean manner.
Soju was a must on the table

Soju is best served in a chilled glass.
When you bottoms it up into your mouth, you will find the satisfaction in your tummy after all the meat you consumed

And we toast it for a better year to come & all the best of achievement we gained in year 2015.
*note: soju does not comes with the buffet, it's on their ala cart menu.

If you dont like soju, they actually serve you unlimited chilled water.

So we kinda enjoy our meal together.
You will see blogger betty & eddy busy taking photo of their food. Hahhaah!
And blogger adeline was camera shy with her mouth busy chewing. :P

And i was sitting next to Blogger Kakalina

We was trying to finish the meat and while busy taking all the selfie & wefie photos,
Our pit is being refilled.

And we refilled at least 4 times that night.

So with RM29.99 you will get unlimited refill of BBQ Pork Belly/Shoulder
Eventhough you only have two pax they still will serve you the same big amount of full table as shown in my blog post.

What is great is that i dont have to fly all the way to Jeju to get my craving fixed.
I still could not forget the fresh octopus sauce i eating 5years ago in Jeju and it was rather like a gem when i get to eat it now in Solaris SohoKL.

What is the difference?
Aint all the korean restaurant taste the same with chilli paste?

I would say mother nature does it best through the process of fermenting all the korean sauces and it was a trick on human nature itself on how to take care of the process.

I was talking to the inhouse manager about their kimchi style of fermenting why it is different than others as it is really tasted like homebase style where it is not salty nor sweet but rather unforgettable and delicious. Then the manager explained to me part of their process is to observe on the weather and also fermenting it with cold & heat routine daily to achieve that taste.

I really have to give credit to some thoughts i gathered & understand.
If a restaurant can go all the hassle of method in fermenting a kimchi, it is not hard to see that they only want to serve people what's closest to their home taste and also the local best recipe to us. 

If they can make all the hassle to import their sauces from Jeju to Malaysia. That means they simply focus on their quality of their food especially some are rather served in RAW so freshness is very very important.
So it was quite a worthy of my money to try out on this new Korean BBQ, Jeju Style. I will also definately return this celebrating my year end with my friends.
Why not give them a try since it's gonna cost you less than RM35 in total bill for per pax?

Address: J-01-05, SohoKL, No. 2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 11am to 10pm


  1. Hi, do you happen to know if this is still around? I can't seem to find info on whether it is still in operation or already closed.@@

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      It's still around its just not online friendly and they dont have much online exposure. ;)

    2. Sorry for the late reply.
      It's still around its just not online friendly and they dont have much online exposure. ;)

  2. Why isnt there a number for Mr Kim? Can't seem to find the phone number online.

  3. Why isnt there a number for Mr Kim? Can't seem to find the phone number online.