V-line B-tox Lifting Cream by Labstory Korea

This is a story an ordinary girl searching for a solution to achieve a Vline face feature.
No injection No plastic No operation needed.
You just need a tool & a cream.

Let me introduce you Labstory's Vline Btox lifting cream.
This product is very famous in thailand and it is made in Korea.

I was talking to my boyfriend about beautiful girls having this perfect vline oval face and some are by nature. I totally jealous die about the V-facial and even bought the pink color brand vline mask to fulfill my jealousy and it's expensive to mantain in the end... 

Then i bumped into Beauty Moa & they introduces me Labstory Btox Lifting Cream

What is B-tox Lifting Cream?
Botox Cream.
You just have to massage the cream externally on your face. No injection needed. It will sweat out the miracle on your face. Of course with the help of the bandage tool.

Any side effects?
So far no. We are not eating the cream and i had been using the product for more than a month, nothing happen to my skin and no pore enlargement nor sensitive (i'm dry & oil mix skin).

User friendly wise?
It's easy to apply. You just have to finish reading my blog and you can do it yourself already. ;)
I struggled the korean text & thai videos & translated them all in here. hahaha!

Maintanance wise?
You just have to apply this Btox cream everyday (no specific time but i do it before my sleep) for 14days to get the minimum achieve of v-line face then you can continue use it to achieve more!

Our skin is part of our body.
This theory is like if you dont exercise you wont get slim. You dont eat clean you wont get healthy body. So it's more on your persistence & hardworking everyday. 

So this is the set of Labstory Vline B-tox Lifting cream with the lifting mask.
One 50ml Cream & One Lifting mask bandage.

Before i go to the demonstration. I would like to show you my progress of my V-line.
This is my Day 1 before i try the lifting cream. I tend to have oval round face and abit chubby on the cheeks. Baby fats.

So at Day 7, i was already very happy.
My face was already quite visible with V-line and i was confident on my selfie.

Nothing much changes but i still maintain my habbit in applying the cream before slpee.
On Day 14, my V-line is still that awesome. hahaha!

So all you need to know about Labstory Vline B-tox set is the power of the cream & the lifting mask bandage.

In this pic, i had label everything that you need to know about the lifting mask.
It has two clipper so that it can get a better grips of your head and lock onto the focus of your chin.

So how to use the Labstory Vline B-tox Lifting Cream set?

*note: you need to massage it upwards because if you circulate it downwards your skin is going to loosen to the bottom? ;S yikes!

*note: still dont massage it downwards okay? 
You want your skin to lift you have to keep massage it upwards.

*yes, i trying to act cute here. 

If you feel that the bandage is very tight & feeling uncomfortable. You can adjust a little but not too drastic. Make sure your chin is in that chin holder all times.

After adjusting, you need to wait at least a minimum of 15minutes to 30minutes.
Please do not use it and go to sleep. You might not breathing properly.

What is My Comment?
I would say on first few days in using the set, it was tight and uncomfortable. And i was sweating my chin out inside the bandage. So i thought it was abnormal until it strike me with sense that the cream is sweating the water out from my chin. That's how the v-line comes from!
And slowly the bandage is not as uncomfortable as the first day, that's when i realize my chin had gotten in shape & smaller.

What makes me happy?
Is that this Labstory is very affordable in pricing. As i said earlier i was using this pink mask sold in drugstore and it was quite expensive for a month usage (exclude mantainance!!!) And within 14 days of non giving up with Labstory Vline B-tox Lifting Cream, i used less than half of the 50ml bottle! And the bottle can last me up more than 2 months + effective!!

let me show you again on my achievement. lol!

Labstory V-line Btox Price?
This set (Cream + Mask) is only RM220!
So if you are interested. Please do contact Beaty MOA for more enquiry.
or you can purchase them online! https://www.labstorymalaysia.com/product

Beauty MOAWebsite: http://www.beautymoa.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeautyMoa.myAddress: No 7, Jalan Radin Bagus 7, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000, Sri Petaling, KL
Opening hours: 10am till 9pm (daily)
Contact number: 03 905 40407 / (Mr Han) 016 916 2013


  1. Thanks for great review. You're so beautiful :)

  2. Hi
    I also started using this. thanks for review. but my face is not really round. its a bit square because of my jaw a bit square. will it be effect for V line as well?