[Non Halal] BBQ-K Korean Buffet RM45+ @ Solaris Mont Kiara

This is going to be whole gorgeous food post with loads of mouth watering food pics.

Happened in BBQ-K, Solaris Mont Kiara
A very extraordinary heart warming Korean Buffet Restaurant
Friendly staff & no language barrier
Better taste than some famous Korean buffet (always promo) out there

And my below pic speaks about 50% of the food content! 
Thanks to my makan babe Nicole (nicoletoday.wix.com/flyingindance)
She invited me to indulge in Korean Buffet with her. Where it serves unlimted meat & dishes, as long as you can finish it without wasting. 

Locating in the very busy area, Solaris. Next to Soho KL.
It's right behind of Public Bank, Above the Korean Mart, at Level 2.
There is a building lift inside. ^^

Ps: I tried a few korean restaurant around there before. So with the pricing & hunger i will opt for BBQ-K... Le Boyfriend commented that he would prefer BBQ-K in tasting.

You might be confuse whether to take left or right corridor up to Level 2, BBQ-K.
Surprisingly, both lift actually can reach to the same Level 2 to BBQ-K.
And when you exit out from the lift, the restaurant is on your right hand side.
Good stuff are never promoted loud but by the true voices & review by people.
But because i am a designer, i like to see pretty stuff.
But if the content/menu is good. i would give it a try!

So i confronted to the menu stand outside flipping it through to see its content.
It consist of all typical menus like bulgogi, steam egg, kimchi stew & etc.. but in a slightly cheaper pricing. But they dont sell ala carte menu...because
BBQ-K is a Korean Buffet Restaurant

It's always pack on weekend & it was almost pack on the weekday i went. So it's best to call for reservation to secure your seats in the restaurant! 

The best part is that if you have longer hours of lunch break, they also have got lunch buffet and it's cheaper in pricing too.

So the interior is some what Korean like ambiance.

When you walk into the restaurant, you will be greeted loudly in welcoming to their humble shop.
And the counter will be on your right. In the pic you can see the counter backdrop has got loads of red framed notes like are actually their regular member card so that they will keep the card for you, saving the space in your purse/wallet.

They also sell a lot of good range Korean Products on their open display/shelving.
I will blog a separate post about their products...

So below picture is their buffet food counters.
They separated the food into Three sections.
Left is beverages & raw BBQ ingredients. Right is the pre-cooked dishes ,with Middle is Order to Immediate Cook section.

Below is the Precooked Dishes for you to see.
Kimchi & Vegetable wraps are the must!

Sauces are very important to thicken your flavoring in taste!

Personally i like to combine the Red Pepper Paste with Sesame Oil with a pinch of salt.
You may consult the staff there for the best dressing combination for your dishes too.

And in Korean Restaurant, their Ban Chan/ Side Dishes are very very important.
Because you will be eating alot of meat, thus you need these side dishes to be added into your wrap to find balance in tasting & for health purpose.

So you take all you want & keep refilling it like nobody's business!
They too, will keep refilling their stock to feed your hunger.

So below is the Raw BBQ Ingredients, The MEAT section!
Before you look at the picture, you have got to know that BBQ.K only serves what is fresh of the day. So they might change their menu everyday because they wants to make sure you eat what is fresh & been delivered of the day to their kitchen!

They marinate their food in all sorts of Korean sauce & flavorings.
And all the ingredients are very juicy with thickness.

And they keep their beverages choice simple.
Because you will not want to drink carbonated/gas drink while dining. If not your tummy will be filled of gas & feeling full FAST. So it's really a considerate Korean Buffet Restaurant in which they wants you to eat all you can with their food & taste the true goodness of their food!

But of course, the drinks in the fridge are not for free.
You need to order them with the staff and it will be billed in your payment.

But if you do really really craving for flavored/carbonated drinks. 
If do sell the drinks in packet. Originally imported from Korea!

So we opened up a packet of machiato & it tasted just fine. Nothing too sweet nor too thick.
And it will be served with a glass of ice.

So here comes the much more important part of the blog post.
We gathered all the food from Raw Section, Pre-cooked Section, Immediate Cook Section and it got us shocked on the variety of food available & served at their tiny buffet counter area!

Nothing is repeating. 
They really do serve two type of raw vegetable. and the rest of the side dishes you can barely resist!

The black pots are from the Immediate Cook section.
Top to Bottom: Rice Cake, Seaweed Rice Ball, Fried Chicken & Glass Noodle

Then we have the RAW ingredients & sauces. They also do serve fresh fruit of the day~
So you might sometimes get very rare fruits in the restaurant, & i got grape fruit that day which is good for diet & disgestion.

So total up of all the food pictures make me feel so overwhelmed
And the best part is the hospitality of the staff makes us even more comfortable

So Every table has got a set of scissors, handle & parchment paper for BBQ.
It's all well cleans & very hygienic. I was told the manager there is very very strict in cleanliness.

So we have got fresh scallop. 

And we took all the available ingredient served at the buffet counter.
Beef, lamb, pork & chicken!
You can see the marinated colors are very beautiful & all the meat are very fresh with thickness.

And they have got bacon rolled (2 pc together) & meat sticks to fulfill your craving.

To highligh, new Korean Restaurant these days do not use charcoal to BBQ their food, this is because researched worldwide concluded that food which are cooked externally with open tend to cause cancer in our body. (CNN Report)

Thus BBQ-K is using an infrared fire where the parchment paper will not be burnt and your meat are cook exactly well as the open flame.

Let me show you some sizzling hot looking of my dish being cooked!

And they tend to spices up the meat with a pinch of spring onion topped with some vegetables on sides! So that you get to balance in your meal while enjoying digging in the meat.

This is what happened when my chicken is cooked.
The parchment paper tends to suck up all the meat oil & cooked exact color as open flame pit too.

The best part of this restaurant is that the staff will help you to BBQ your food!
So that there is no hassle for you to keep cooking and serving others while you yourself only get to end when your friends are all full feed and they have to wait for you to finish up your meal to leave.

The staff will always be a staff standby looking after your table and to take your request in serving. They will also cut up your dishes so that everybody will get the equal taste of everything on the BBQ pit.
But if you feel like doing the BBQ yourself, you are welcome to do so. ;)

Nicely cut & presented on a plate

Then you can wrap the meat with a vegetable & topped with side dishes and dipped into your choice of sauces before entering to your mouth.

Really really delicious.

And after the meat craving filled, we were seeking for some alcohol beverages.
So they have got beer, soju, kids drink ( Pororo packaging ) and you can consult their Korean Manager on their mix beverages.

What is Korean Mix Beverages? 
The served us three type of mix.
One is Soju with Berry, tasted like Alcoholic Ribena. Second was Rice Wine with Cider.

They poured a bottle of Rice Wine & a can of Cider into their bronze kettle and poured into a drinking bowl.

So this is a clip of the combination of the drink.

*video credit to flyingindance 

the Third Drink is with this fabulous Soju that i am holding.
Soju is Korea's favorite drink (its not a beer), it tends to burnt a little on your throat if you never tasted it before. Thus it is always being served with side dishes, especially with meat.

The Korean Manager showed us their best SOJU SHOT
How he did it and how the korea culture flipped up some shots onto the ceiling! hahaha

*video credit to flyingindance 

To be honest, the warm hospitality service in the restaurant really inked into my heart & also the variety of food and its taste really scored into my top buffet list. 
I even went back second time with a group of friend and the staff make sure that they watch out for our table to standby & also to keep changing our BBQ parchment paper to keep it clean than to leave it black for us to continue in cooking. And the unlimited meat was so generously fresh that the guys keep on eating non stop for 2 hours until they hit their tummy spot quota.

Remember to make your reservation booking or call before you go to check for availability!
Also, advice not to be shy to ask for more from the staff to help you!

BBQ-K has got three branch now. You need not stick to their Solaris outlet as they have got other outlet in KL & PJ. And stay tune to my blog as i am going to blog about their awesome range of good Korean Product selling HOT in BBQ-K soon.

So this is what READER will get if you dine at any of the BBQ-K outlet.
Just show them this blogpost and you will get either Korean Steam Egg (RM10) OR Kimchi Stew (RM18) for FREE! And if you have got more than 10people in a group, it might be MORE!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BBQK.my
Payment by CASH ONLY.
Lunch (exclude 10% service + 6% GST)
Adult RM38+/ Elementary (8-12) RM15+/ Children (4-7) RM13+

Dinner (exclude 10% service + 6% GST)
Adult RM45+ / Elementary (8-12) RM23+/ Children (4-7) RM18+
Mont Kiara Solaris branch 
Address: 15-3, Soho KL, Jalan Solaris 2, Mont Kiara, 50480, KL
Hour:  Monday-Sunday 11am to 12am
Contact: 03-6206 5539 or 018-398 0140

Sunway Giza branch 
Address: D-08-01, Block B, Sunway Giza, Jalan PJU 5, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Hour:  Monday-Sunday 11am to 12am
Contact: 018-220 0710

Sri Petaling branch 
Address: No, 22a-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 3, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000 KL
Hour:  Monday-Sunday 11am to 12am
Contact: 011-3994 0013