Mamonde Flower Facial Mask

Feeling Goddess Within

From Korea with Love.

I always say 'looking beautiful effortless' is the key to present your very best with minimal make up on face. But behind the cosmetic products on face, our skincare routine is utmost important in achieving the daily effortless look.

With good complex, you just need a very minimal make up.
With Mamonde Flower Facial Mask, it helps to lock in moist and nutrient to your skin with their range of 4 selected flower.
Also, feeling pampered like a goddess with the natural floral scent within.

The four extract floral is
Rose, Heartleaf Houttuynia, Calendula & Evening Primrose

Mamonde Petal Purifying Bubble Mask, Rose 
Suitable for Dry & Dull Uneven Skin

Tight sealed to prevent air contact inside the outer lock cap
Infused with rose petals with green tea & peppermint extract which calms our mind.

As stated it is a bubble mask where helps to revitalize stress dull looking skin.
And green tea for anti-oxidant purpose, peppermint extracts to help skin maintain with adequate moisture.

Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask, Calendula

Clear gel mask to leave on throughout your beauty sleep.
Suitable for Delicate Dry Skin.

Another name of Calendula is Marigold.
It's known for its function in soothing & skin hydration.
The mask content is blended with marigold, centella, aloe vera, cucumber extract to calm & lock moist on skin for a dewy & hyrate complex.

It looks so translucent that you hardly see it at all.
And it smells so light with marigold.

Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask

Suitable for Bloated & Dehydrate skin condition
Combined with 3 types of flower oil such as Evening Primrose Oil, Camellia Oil & Sunflower Oil.

It is also an overnight sleeping mask which helps to fortify the protective skin layer so it lowers the harm of our skin from being expose to the external pollutant in our surrounding.

Creamy looking but translucent on skin.
Light floral scent and sticky-free on skin.

Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask

For Oily, Rough & Sensitive Skin.
This mask is a remedy for oil balancing & cleanses pore.

Helps to absorb excess sebum & exfoliate dead skin cells on surface.
Natural Mineral Clay infused with grounded Heartleaf Houttuynia & walnut shells.

Heartleaf Houttuynia is a chameleon plant, or known as fish mint.
You could only get this type of flower in Japan, Korea or Southern China as it grows in moist environment.

Thus with the trust of moist, it also helped in oil balancing.
After rinsing off, our skin will feel soft & supple.

Mamonde Flower Facial Mask
The Goddess DIY facial spa at home

All bottle comes in 100ml , RM85 per bottle.
At any Mamonde stall near you

Here are some of the suggestion of how to enjoy Mamonde Flower Facial Mask at utmost environment.

Step 1: Eliminate Disruption
Pick your Me-Time Location

Step 2: Gather your Spa Supplies
In your comfy robe & slippers, room temperature water

Step 3: Set The Mood
With Scented Candles lited in a dim room, playing your favorite music or some essential mist in the air.

Step 4: Clean your Face
Cleansing your face. To give a clean state to your skin so that our skin could absorb better of the product's nutrient.

Step 5: Pick your choice of Mamonde Facial Mask
My suggestion would be:
Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask on Monday to Skin Destress
Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask on Wednesday for Fatigue restoring
Mamonde Petal Purifying Bubble Mask on Friday to keep your skin all day ready for the night/party
Mamonde Enrich Nutri Sleeping Mask on Saturday to revitalize your skin

Step 6: Moisturize (wash of mask only)
Finish off your treatment by massaging your face with 1 or 2 minute
You will be amaze with the overall effect after.

Watch the clip for more information from Mamonde Malaysia

Thank you Mamonde Malaysia.
For the Goddess feel you injected into your products
I'm feeling loved & found.

Mamonde Malaysia
Official Web:


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