Mui Ne | Vietnam

Traveling in Mui Ne, Vietnam is like a relaxation with the nature & people.
Strong sea waves, wild wind & clear blue sky.

Dont expect to see any sign of clear sea water.
But one thing for sure they have got soft sand on the clean beach.

There were 4pax of us while traveling in this trip.
We took the green cab (cheapest) and asked the driver to send us to their recommended local seafood restaurant.

You will pass by a row of awesome but similar looking restaurant selling FRESH seafood

And he dropped us at this specific restaurant with flat rate charges on their food, by weight.
No bargain.

One thing while you travel, you have to expect & experience some culture shock issue.
They recommended their BBQ lizard to us

Of course we didnt eat it.
Some other restaurant even have got snakes, gecko, turtle, little sharks, etc

So we ordered some not so daring dishes to fulfill our craving for SEAFOOD.
We purely let the chef decide on the cooking method but we also informed them we would not like to have them too spicy. (because their spicy level is super hot)

They grilled it with onion oil and sprinkle them with more spring onion.

Or cook them with herbs & lemongrass. Total refreshing.

Purely just cost us 660k vdong.
About RM132 for 4pax.

Besides than eating seafood, you could just stroll along the street of Mui Ne

And never feel alone.

Basically Mui Ne is a small town along the beach with a great attraction.
Importantly they are free entry, natural & beautiful.

It's recommended everywhere in google that you have got to go to White & Red Sandunes.
We hired a driver to pick us to White Sandunes at 5am in the morning.

We walked up to the peak it's about an hour with the battle of sand in our feet.
The sand was soft & the wind was cold.

But everything was worthy on the walk.
Sun Rise was beautiful.

Then we went to the fishing village

You would like to mind your steps as there are LIVE CREATURE crawling on the beach.

You can buy the live seafood from the local and get them grilled in cheap charges.

We bought 4 lobster as our humble breakfast :P
Cost total 400k vdong + 80k vdong of cooking fee.
That's RM96 only.

Then we went to the Fairy Stream.
The sun was glaring in the sky but the stream water was cooling.

You have to take off your shoe in this walk.

They are all made up in nature of sands & soil.

Then we practically spent our afternoon walking around the town drinking viet coffee and chitchat then back to the hotel for a good swim.

We waited 5pm to go to Red Sandunes for the sunset.
The wind was strong and the sand was blowing wildly.

The color of the sky was purple & beautiful.

Mui Ne is different from the city as it's more outskirt, along the beach.
It's more laid back in lifestyle and windy in environment.
Alot of tourist went there for kite boarding too.

Fore more of my overall Ho Chi Minh trip & cost, you could refer to my previous blog post ;)


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