HARNN : Natural Body Care, Skincare and Home Spa

Skincare has never fail to capture my sight besides than food.
To us ladies, skincare is very very important. But what's more important besides than looking for the right product for us skin, it's ingredient content too is important.
What i always look into & always support is Natural Body Skincare.
HARNN naturally captured my attention.

As a designer myself, the kiosk designed caught my attention with its mysterious black design & earth tone element touch in patterns and details. Also, outstanding packaging design of each collection they market. Each color represents different collection/fragrant.

. Natural Soap Collection . Oriental Herbs Collection . Cymbopogon Collection . 
. Jasmine Collection . Oriental Rose Collection . Tropical Wood Collection . 

What is HARNN? 
HARNN is a thailand product which is famous and lovable in the country & around the world.
It is founded by an architect name Paul HARNN and he decided to do it with heart content and a sense of design.

and HARNN came to Malaysia few months ago.
I am going to blog about what i had bought & what i had seen, in here.

The design of each soap forms like a flower pedal which gives you a beautiful sight of beauty.
Each of the soap has got different fragrant and also functional purposes.

HARNN: Natural Soap Collection 
Black: Black Rice & Charcoal Soap
Sky Blue: Cymbopogon Soap
Blue: Lavender & Geranium Soap
Green: Lemongrass & Rice Bran Soap
Purple: Mangosteen & Bergamot Soap
Red: Red Fragrant Rice Soap
Pink: Rose & Geranium Soap
White: White Jasmine Rice Soap

Honest speaking, to describe the smells in text are extremely hard to express. HARNN's fragrant aint the typical floral smell in the market but it also added in some rice/bergamot/geranium/charcoal and some hidden natural ingredient which is good for our skin.

Instead of just being fragrant, it also picks up flowers which beneficial to our skin.
Imagine Black Rice & Charcoal smell, you dont just get the charcoal smell but also the nice fragrant of the rice. It brings out what's good in smell & also what's good for your skin.

HARNN: Oriental Herbs Collection  

HARNN: Cymbopogon Collection

HARNN: Jasmine Collection

HARNN: Oriental Rose Collection 

HARNN: Tropical Wood Collection 

And previously i mentioned their packaging is very very beautiful.

I personally bought their Jasmine Natural Collection set (le boyfriend likes the smell of it)
I cant help but loving it's packaging.

Instead the bottle is being the typical round, it gives an different cut of floral shape.
It's good for hand grip (wont slip off) and they label everything in gold color.

The bottle shape gives a very beautiful shadow shading.

Body Lotion is in milky white. Body Cleanser is in liquid clear.

Just one small pump the fragrant lingers in the air and on your hand for quite a long time even after rinsed.

HARNN is not afraid to tell you all the ingredient content they used in their product.

Besides than just body lotion & cleansing gel, they have got perfume, body scrub, salt, essential oil without sulfat and etc which is perfect for a home spa remedy


essential/massage oil

I really liked their soaps and the way they displayed it is rather beautiful.
Sometimes they also have got different promos or special gift set which is beautiful in both presentation & packaging. Not to mention, it's a good product.

Personally had been using their Mangosteen Bergamot Soap for a month.
It gives a soft scrub on skin and giving a soft touch after shower.
Feels totally very clean too.

Their Soaps are very very fast in selling out during the weekend.
If you look onto my first pic of the blog post, thats the 2nd day afternoon it's all GONE!

website: http://www.harnn.com

HARNN 1 UTAMA (Petaling Jaya)


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