6D5N Ho Chi Minh | Vietnam

Day 1: KLIA2 > Ho Chi Minh
Grabcar : 100k (Airport to District 1)
Street Lunch: 174k (pork noodle + dried noodle)
Ai Cha Phe cafe: 139k
Street Banh-mi: 12k
Dinner: 370k (Beef Pho)
Sticky Rice: 60k
Beer & Fried Squid: 100k + 100k
>>>Day 1 total cost:  1055k (RM211 for 4pax)  | Divided per pax: 263.75k (RM52.75)

Day 2: Ho Chi Minh > Mui Ne
Sleeping Bus: 480k vdong (4pax) 5hours ride
Breakfast Banh-mi: 80k (4pax)
Taxi out from Resort to Town: 120k
Seafood Lunch BOKE: 660k
Joe's Cafe: 155k
Spa Session: 1840k
Dinner: 860k (mexican)
>>> Day 2 total cost: 4195k (RM839)| Divided per pax: 1048.75k (RM209.75)

Day 3: Mui Ne
Mui Ne Tour: 800k (white sandunes, fishing village, fairy stream)
Lobster at Fishing Village: 400k + 80k (cook)
Viet Coffee: 62k (request driver to drop us at their very local cafe)
Lunch: 403k
Taxi back resort: 105k
Dinner: 380k
>>> Day 3 total cost: 2230k (RM446) | Divided per pax: 557.5k (RM111.50)

Day 4: Mui Ne > Ho Chi Minh
Hotel Breakfast FOC
Sleeping Bus: 600k (back to HCM)
Banh-mi Lunch: 100k
Cafe Apartment | Meele Cafe: 400k
Cong Cafe: 220k
Dinner: 301k
Beer: 110k
>>> Day 4 total cost: 1731k (RM346.2) | Divided per pax: 865.5k (RM86.55)

Day 5: Ho Chi Minh
Breakfast: 200k (Broken Rice) + 57k (Coffee)
Ben Thanh Popiah: 50k
Independance Palace: 80k
Grabcar/Uber to dinner: 40k
BBQ: 1120k
Grabcar/Uber back: 25k
Beer: 220k
>>> Day 5 total cost: 1792k (RM358.40) | Divided per pax: 448k (RM89.60)

Day 6: Ho Chi Minh > KLIA2
Breakfast: 140k
Cong Caphe: 35k self paid
Grabcar to Airport: 84k
>>> Day 6 total cost: 224 (RM44.80) | Divided per pax: 56k+35k (RM18.20)

Flight & Hotel Expenses
Flight: AirAsia​ RM203 return
Day 1 | Capsule Hotel: RM208 (2 room)
Day 2 & 3 | Sandunes Resort & Spa: RM856 (2 room 2 night)
Day 4 & 5 | Airbnb: RM456
>>> Total cost: RM1520 | Divided per pax: RM380

Total Expenses for per pax: RM52.75 (day1) + RM209.75 (day2) + RM111.50 (day3) + RM86.55 (day4) + RM89.60 (day5) + RM18.20 (day6) + RM203 (airflight) + RM380 (hotel/airbnb)= RM1151.35

Simcard 200k (Mobifone 6GB/ faster than viettel/ RM40)
Postcard: 50k for 2 nos (RM10| got cheaper like RM2 too)
Stamp: 21k for 2 nos (RM4.2)
Marou Chocolatier: 90k chocolate drink + 90k eclaire dessert (RM36)

I have uploaded more pictures in my facebook.

> If you have many pax going, it's best to tryout Airbnb.
> Bus transport take PHUONG TRANG, cheap, clean & friendly. (https://futabus.vn )
> Muine suggest to stay around Lotus Village Resort (https://www.agoda.com/lotus-village-resort-muine/hotel/phan-thiet-vn.html) , food is more convenient and more happening. Sandunes Resort Spa is just next to red sandunes despite it's quiet location with great sea view.
> Muine always take the green cab, it's cheaper.
> Muine: Sandunes (Sun Rise), Fish Village, Fairy Stream, Red Sandunes (Sun Set)
> Install GRABCAR app. convenient with no hassle. it's everywhere. They got GRABBIKE too.
> Ho Chi Minh just practically walk around it's very close to everywhere. Using Google Map will help.