Poreless with MURAD Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

Murad is back & ready for the Summer 2015 with a brand new product!
The Invisiblur Perfecting Shield
It was an honor to be invited to the media launching on a beautiful Monday where the sky is glowing & not raining. If you read my previous MURAD Blemish Solution, the brand is famous for their acne range & also their facial service to serve you a better skin.

And lately, MURAD just launched this skin solution to Protect, Conseal & Bluring Invisible Skin in all their nationwide outlet in Malaysia. 

Let me tell you more about the event & this product in which lately i'm loving.
It hidden up all my pores & giving me SPF solution in daytime, also a perfect base on my make up.

The event was held at PJ Trade Centre, Talent Lounge.
This is a very beautiful contemporary interior space & the arrangement is very flexi in changing to suit your type of event.

I was greeting with a happy smile & were asked to select ONE card with a quote on each to express my mood of the day.

It was more likely a QUOTE to remind me everyday!
So i cant resist to had them all to be stick onto my desktop during work, to keep remind myself that nothing is important than having myself to be happy.

I was just as curious as you are why these quotes have got to do with the event.
Until Ms Tin Yen started off the event with a warm greeting to all press, 
As polite as she always is, the event started very well & relax.
She was introducing about MURAD & about today's event agenda.

Then Ms Chion was brought to stage to explain more about MURAD Invisiblur
As lively as she always is, she brought some laughter during the session.
And she explained to us the connection between the quotes & the product.

Dr MURAD believes in in order to look better, we need to live & eat better, then only we will feel better. This is true! Having a good skin does not mean you need to take kinds of vitamins or cutting out fried and unhealthy food. It's all about balancing!


Imagine every morning there is a stranger smiling & greeting you a Beautiful Morning. Your mood will immediately change & you will feel better thus you will work things out even better!
Thus this is all about our mentality.
When you feel better, your skin tends to glow too!

Thus Invisiblur is here to give us a protection shield of our skin from daytime exposure & also to refine & blur your pores on facial.
People tend to live more confidently when they have better skin complex too!

The MURAD Invisiblur contain mushroom pep-tide to give us a soft-focus complex. And also there's barley, sunflower & cucumber extract to keep our skin nourish & also vitamins. 
It works like a primer (before foundation) on our skin. And it can be apply on face after the long day when your face is shinny (oily), to achieve a velvet/matte texture & blurry effect to keep your skin look very baby smooth!

So there was a demonstration on the spot to show us the immediate effect
Well, the MURAD staff was already having a good complexion 
(they use MURAD everyday of course good right?)
But they demonstrated it on bare face half & another half with concealer mixed.

Yes, the Invisiblur could be mixed with cc, bb or foundation & to be apply on skin. You still will get the poreless effect. And the effect could be seen during the event LIVE. 
But it's not quite visible in this picture.

Not too worry. I had tested it on myself to show you 
I had unbox-ed the product, original size 30ML
is as exactly as big as what i am holding.

So i took one full pump onto my hand to try it out
It has got a little of sunscreen smell but it smells like a little bit of sunflower to me too.
The liquid is CLEAR & jell like.

Then i massage it on my skin in a circular motion.
It absorbed into my skin immediately.
Without a skin of Oily or Watery feeling.
The texture is somewhat matte.

So i apply it on my make up facial after a long day.
First, i absorb away the oil on my face.
You can see i even highlighted the visible pores

Then i massage Murad Invisiblur on my face
Circular Upward manner.

Because my face was previously oily, so MURAD Invisiblur had toned my skin with a velvet effect instead of matte. 
Obviously anything which can blur out my pores i will be greatly happy!

I no bluff you. Seriously

You can mix the Invisiblur with Foundation/CC/BB Cream, or
You can also apply the Invisiblur and gently apply some loose powder, you are good to go!

To show my sincerity & proving that i did not cheat on my picture.
I took a selfie during the event with the same (front) camera.
You can see loads of visible pores right?

The Retail Price of MURAD Invisiblur: RM320 (include GST)
Currently they are running a May & June Promo Price: RM288

So get yourself trying out the MURAD Invisiblur at their nationwide counter!
It TREATS, BLUR & PROTECT your skin.
You can totally put your trust onto MURAD as they care about your skin & also keep producing products to give you a perfect solution in everything.
MURAD Invisiblur, the One Step to Protection.

And DR MURAD had recently released a book writting about STRESS.
But i'm much more interested in his previous book regarding about cellulite.

Once again, THANK YOU MURAD!

Skin Care (Murad® Malaysia) 

Locate to the nearest MURAD store near you 


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