Murad Blemish Clearing Solution Review Launch

*give away at the end of the post*

Have you ever wonder how acne being grown on our face?

Are you having problem with acne at this very moment?

Or did you ever wonder how pimple ever exist/grown on our face?
Thank you to Murad Malaysia for inviting me to their Blogger's Preview Launch of their Blemish Clearing Solution on the other day of 31st March 2015!
I was an honored to be invited to the event, and they even allow me to bring a close reader of mine to join the event to know more about Murad & their awesome products!

That's me on my very first arrival, they gave me a huge gooddie bag after my sign up.

Let me briefly talk about Murad. 
This is a very old brand which already existed in the market for more than 20 years. And imagine that they had celebrated their 25th Anniversary last year!
They are famous for their blemish products and it is still going strong in the market.

The event locate at one of their outlet in One Utama. It is a new wing just right opposite of Delicious/ Victoria Secret, under the very escalator which will lead you up to Forever 21 upstairs. 
I like the place in white because it's a very bravery act to apply all spaces filled in glowing white & clear lighting. And it strongly trying to shout out that they are not afraid to have their place in 'all white', just as good as their product that you will get a forever good clear skin, and it's true.

And i was introduced to their Youthcam.

What is Youthcam?
If you are not familiar with all these skin camera, you can have a try it out in Murad. It is actually an 'on the spot' diagnose of your skin condition and also a prediction of your skin health if you do not take action a.s.a.p

They have got 6 category of products 
from hydration, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, acne to pore visibility.
All of these products are categorized in a specific colors.
So on the left, you can see that from 6 colors, majority best selling products are their orange & blue (light & dark) range. 

They even have a quick fix service area.
What is Murad Quick Fix?
This is a 30minute session range from RM89~RM139 depending on what you seeking to aid. 
This is a cool service where when you are shopping around the mall and you are tried or having a concern towards your skin condition suddenly. You can drop by to Murad to pamper yourself with their Quick Fix service and get your skin refresh/rejuvenate while walking out of their shop.
But then, prior in advance booking only. This is to avoid busy schedule and to arrange their best beautician to serve you.

So there were alot of bloggers, we took alot of selfie until not long the event started off with the opening speech by Ms Tin Yen, marketing manager of Murad.

And to have Ms Chion, the Education Manager of Murad
She is so lively! While during her sharing towards Murad's history and the relaunch of their blemish products, she keep the environment so tense-free and we totally feel so comfortable during the whole launching session.

Then Mr Sharkawi Salehuddin (Brand Advocate), a famous celebrity media from Astro Awani, sharing his testimony of his experience with Murad.
That's me & Nicole taking a lovely pic with him. He is so slim! 
He was sharing that he use to have a very bad skin condition (totally can see his acne scar on his face in person), and he used alot of products in the market which failed terribly until he approached Murad! And he has been using Murad ever since until now, for 3 consecutive years already! 

From the picture, you can see that he is having a very nature glowing skin condition. I checked and he admited that he is having a nude (no make-up) face, and he only applied some Murad products before he left the house that day!
How can you not resist to have NATURAL GLOWING FACE???!! 

This is my supportive reader QiQi & me. Beautiful eh? ^^v

picture credit to Nicole
That's me, QiQi, Nicole & LipJeen (nicole's lucky blog follower)

And i received a full range of Murad blemish product in their goodie bag with some vouchers to pamper my skin! 
Thank you Murad! #it'sallclear

So i am going to sum up my post of the day.
Murad has got 6 type of product range.

And I am giving this Murad Blemish Clearing Solution (worth RM198) product away! F.O.C! 
*for malaysia readers only
Email me at with the title [MURAD] and your name, then attached a picture of your skin condition! 
Closing date: 5th April 2015, 11.59pm.

I will email back the lucky reader to request for your mailing address! ^^
You can see i have got no serious acne condition, thus i would like to benefit this product to people who is struggling on their facial condition.

How to use this product: Massage evenly over your clean face (after cleansing), your neck & chest. Then follow with Murad Moisturizer to seal the moisture on your face.

What will happen after applying the Blemish Clearing Solution Range? 
You will get:
1. a clearer skin condition in 72 hours.
2. keep pores clear of acne and restore clarity like never before.
3. They have revamp their products to fight better skin condition as gems these days are mutating very scarily and stubbornly. Thus Murad and upgraded their products ingredient to fight the stubborn gems effectively.
4. It contains tea tree oil and other vitamins which help renew out skin cells and gives protection too.

Thank you to Murad Malaysia! 
You can find Murad products in 1 Utama, Isetan Lot 10, Sephora KLCC/Starhill
They have got facial service at Damansara Utama, Empire Shopping Gallery


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