Afternoon Tea Set @ Betjeman & Barton

If you follow on my previous post about Betjeman & Barton
I did returned to their outlet to try on their Afternoon Tea Set for RM69nett only!

Promotional Poster at the entrance of Betjeman & Barton

So, when you walk into the outlet, you will first be greeted with a friendly smile from their waitress, she/he then will lead you to your seats. And clearly you will get to see their dessert display on their glass refrigerator with everything arranged very neatly!

Glass refrigerator with their wide range of dessert. 

And also you will see their very unique tiered dessert stand and their inhouse teapot at their display behind counter. 

And they have got a good selection of desserts for you to choose!
start from RM10 and above! 

I tried a piece of cake in my previous post. It was Chocolate Banana Cake.

 And their chocolates! only RM4 each pieces!

Betjeman & Barton is a french teahouse, thus they serves everything with a unique sense of your selection to suit your taste & mood.

Me & my friend sat down and immediately ordered the afternoon tea set, then i requested the waitress my first time visit friend towards their tea of their day!

So, in my previous post, they served the tea selection of the day with something very unique in sense.
This time, the tea of the day is something very sweet & fruity.

Its Oh So Feminine!

is an assorted mix of maple syrup with candied chestnut. Very nice to smell!

was Peachy with light smell of roses.

Rooibus Cranberry Acerola
very sweet senses! I love this!

Eden Rose
rose tea with a mix of selected tealeaf

Wulong Milky,
is a creamy red tea

Pouchkin Green Tea
was the house's signature tea. Strong in citrus & bergamot.

So, they out all their teas in individual canister. The person in charge was very friendly and introduces me some of their range and also some products of Betjeman & Barton.

On the left, is the tea canister. Right, is Pouchkin Green Tea!

Pouchkin has a very strong aroma smell, it's something wild and matured.
That's what i feel.

The Vert Les Invites.
Green Jasmine Tea with roses and lychee.
I was very tempted to get this!!

O' Fruits Bambou 
is actually bamboo fruit infusion.
A little bit of mango, coconut, lemongrass and citrus. Very fruity smell!
I guess the bamboo leaves are suppose to keep your taste lighter with all the mixtures combined. So at the end you will taste something sweet and fresh on your tongue. 

Also, they sell gifts set like tea bags vacuumed packed and also canister with already selected & packed teas in it. Look at the tea spoon so beautiful!

So, back to the Afternoon Tea Set,
I order their Rooibus Cranberry Acerola
They they serve us their desserts of the day. From Light sandwiches & bakeries (bottom), dedicated crisp (middle tier) to sweet tooth selection (top)

Their dessert was not too sweet nor too bland. You can see each pieces are somehow designated uniquely with no repeating patterns. for RM69 set, i think this is good enough!

Then you can see an even close up view of their desserts, specially the rosie cream on the fragile biscuit. Very very nice combination that the rosie cream has got a pinch taste of lemon! 
Very refreshing!

Another blow up view, On the bottom range are mostly bakery. Non oily!
And middle tier, (left) tart is so soft!

So here is a selfie, i know i shouldn't be using my hand to dine but this pic wont look good with me holding a fort poking into the bread then selfie. ahhaha!

Fear not, their macaroon is not small at all. It is one big full bite into your mouth!

The Afternoon Tea Set is just nice for a lady of 3.
But one thing lacking is that the tea pot is not refillable, thus we had finished our tea first instead of the desserts. One tea pot is just nice for 4 cups only.

After all, tea set is all about drinking tea while gossiping right?
But it was a good experience with their teas and selections!

Address: Lot G220, Ground Floor, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre Bandar Utama,, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
Hours: Mon - Thurs & Sunday: 10:00–22:00/ Fri - Sat: 10:00–22:30


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