French Tea House, Betjeman & Barton

Tea always has been my first choice & favorite. 
But French Tea House is somewhat not easy to be found nor you can name out of your 10 fingers (that is if you can recall them all). Thus, this post is purely about tea, without desserts. :P

Le Boyfriend is a coffee lover. But he has been telling me about this French Tea House name Betjeman & Barton locate at 1 Utama for weeks!
Making me imagining all the fine taste fantasy and also the visualizing the tea colors & odors to my senses. So, le boyfriend had enough of talking & brought me there at last. :P

Betjeman & Barton 
had existed since 1919 in France. With two gentlemen, who are the tea experts, driving their desire to introduce the English art of tea to the Parisians. 
This is not just about fully tea leafs but also a perfect blend of cultures & unique mix taste.

The very first Malaysia outlet is at 1 Utama, next to Isetan, at the corridor to the entrance of One World Hotel. Opposite the row of Putien, Grand Imperial & Johnny's
The very grand shop facade of Betjeman & Barton.

At the entrance, you can see the selective color combination are Grey& Red.
They had input the very modern french outlook and they products were flowing under the lights. I'm pretty sure you will look at the shop with a 2nd glance when you pass by.

They Window Display.

Betjeman & Barton display their limited edition of Tea Canister and you can also see through into the shop interior where they have more beautiful displays for your eye.

This is how their interior looks like.
Something modern but yet chic.

And they soften the ambiance with a very soothing fabric choice of seatings.
Nothing can go wrong if you have striking color mixing with grey

Okay. i love this chair very much. ahahah!

And in this pic you can see they are trying to insert a tea garden like of feel into the interior.
I think this works very well! And if they try to expend more greens within the interior, it will be so perfect for tea experience!

What is this?

When le boyfriend & me sat down looking at the menu. We were amaze by the list of tea selection listed and of course i can only imagine some of those command taste.
They have a list from Classic Teas to Perfumed Teas.

Classic are those you can imagine & Perfumed Teas are very dedicated mix of classic with selective of flowers or fruits.

Then the waiter suddenly just pop up with their grey tea chest and start introducing some of their tea selections and scooping it with a silver spoon for you to smell the awesome aroma.
And those command taste that i had imagine, super exceed in total.

Their aroma is enrich and also very dedicated!
per pot of tea cost from RM27++ for two, inclusive of 6% GST.
We ordered the Perfumed Tea.
Earl Grey Flowery (RM27 per pot)  + a piece of Chocolate Banana cake (RM13.90)

Another shot for your viewing.

The earl grey tasted light and the taste does not linger in your mouth too long after tasting. And important is that i dont feel thirsty at all even after tasting it an hour i left the shop.
This is very important because i always have this kind of problem after drinking teas.

So, what so flowery about this earl grey?
because they added corn flowers & bergamot orange.

So you can taste the earl grey with a pinch of flower & fruity flavoring in your mouth. 
And the chocolate banana cake is good! The sweetness is just nice & well balance!
The banana & chocolate are doing its job where you can totally differentiate the layering flavor on your tongue!

And where we sit, they also display their limited edition of tea canister which is for sale.
RM119++ with 100g of your tea selection.

And also 125g of Tea Canister with your selection of tea 
from RM99 onwards.

They are also selling very dedicated tea pots
You can see that they dont narrow their products to just french. but also a multi cultural selection of products. Because their teas from being picked around the world, and also suiting your mood while brewing your tea!

And well thought of signature tea gifts

This is where they store all their teas, in a larger canister.
They sell the teas from 50g onwards.
Imagine, their tea labeled on the canister are not repeating.

So, i will be back to Betjeman & Barton next week again for their Afternoon High Tea!

Only RM60 i will get to taste all the desserts in the house!

Stay tune for more!

Address: Lot G220, Ground Floor, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre Bandar Utama,, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia 
Hours: Mon - Thurs & Sunday: 10:00–22:00/ Fri - Sat: 10:00–22:30


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