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I always believe in living healthy you need to start in eating the right food & having the right nutrient intake into your body. Because the sentence 'You are what you eat' definitely speaks by itself. 

I have been keeping my watch on weight & much cautious towards the food i eat daily.
Besides than food intake, one of the important facts to keep our metabolism boost daily is to take in sufficient amount of water.

I do hate drinking plain water as it's tasteless.
Thus i did some research online & overcome this long-trended Fruit Infuse Water!
I tried cutting fruits, herbs, mint & have them infuse overnight in the fridge.
But in order to cut body fats, overnight infuse is not a good choice for me.
Thus i made another research online & found Tea Element's facebook recommended by a friend.


Superb choice & hassle free for workaholic like me.
Tea Element's Summer Infuse set comes with 24 pack of dried fruits & herbs sealed individually with 12 different type of flavoring.  

Flavor 1: Mint, Honeydew, Lemon
Flavor 2: Dragon fruit, Pineapple, Lime
Flavor 3: Dragon fruit, Kiwi, Lemon
Flavor 4: Osmanthus, Apple, Stevia (very sweet)
Flavor 5: Dragon fruit, Honeydew, Lemon
Flavor 6: Black Wolfberry, Honeydew, Apple
Flavor 7: Orange, Pear, Kiwi
Flavor 8: Jasmine, Pineapple, Lemongrass
Flavor 9: Mulberry, Pear, Lemon
Flavor 10: Black Wolfberry, Honeydew, Pear
Flavor 11: Apple. Rosemary
Flavor 12: Amaranth, Lemon, Lemon grass, Apple

We can jumble up all the flavors everyday so we do not have to follow according to the arrangement listed.

Even though Tea Element is quite new in page but pricing are quite reasonable in-compare to other sellers online. At least their product quality is guaranteed fresh.

The Summer Infuse set comes with a free 600ml tempered glass bottle with a bag holder.
Also, they are chemical free, natural fruit coloring, high heat air dried. 

As mentioned above i preferred my drinks not be in overnight chilled. 
I chilled my bottle & only insert room temperature water & the fruits in the morning & brought it out to work or occasions. 

Not so chilled after all and the fruits are edible!
It's refillable throughout the day too!
Also not to mentioned, it's perfect for any occasion to share with friends or anybody!

So i brought it to picnic!

I am almost done with my box of Summer Infuse set thus i had seen some changes on my skin complexion. Also i am start enjoying my water intake even better with it.

Tea Element


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