Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest

Mother's Day is coming & i bought an early surprise for my mom!
It's going to be a typical expectation from my mom if i were to get her something on the exact day itself. And i have been very cautious with my food labeling lately thus i wanted something which is preservative free!

Swiftlet Cavern Fresh Nest is a perfect solution which came to my rescue.
What's so special about this brand because you can customize your sweetness level from range between 0/25/50/100%.
It is also a fresh order-to-make with the guarantee of their best quality stock in house. Once you made your order, they then only hand pick their fresh bird nest with no chemical added.
And you have to consume it within 10days for it's freshness.

They have 4 types of Fresh Nest available:
Rock Sugar/ Honey Sugar/ Red Dates / Fresh Milk

Rock Sugar Fresh Nest

Red Dates Fresh Nest

Honey Sugar & Fresh Milk Fresh Nest

What's best of Swiftlet Cavern is they deliver it for FREE within PJ & Klang Valley
They have got a few type of packages too
1 Week: RM168 
4 Weeks: RM660
12 Weeks: RM1880
24 Weeks: RM3600
48 Weeks: RM6800

Yes, i was curious like you thinking if their best nest are adviced to be consumed finish within 10days then how are we gonna finish the 48 weeks??? I called them & they explained with a friendly note saying they will deliver the products WEEKLY to your doorsteps. That sounds exclusive!

So i bought the 1 Week package & have it jingle mingled on the sweetness level.
It was exact what i expected, they handled the sweetness so well even 50% it tasted just fine & perfect for the elders.

Important is, they deliver it to my doorsteps.
And comes with a complimentary of cupcakes because of Mother's Day Promotion!

So if you buy the 1 week package set, they will give you 3 beautiful cupcake which topped with beautiful buttercream flower.
By just looking at it, it makes me feel itch to start my baking life again. lol!

Swiftlet Cavern
Email: swiftletcavern@gmail.com
Contact: 010 206 6066 / 010 266 3238
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swiftlet.cavern 
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/swiftletcavern.ig/


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