Skincare routine is very important to all of us (not just to us ladies)
Having a clean & clear skin really does help to boost our confidence and keep us looking awesome in our best condition always!

Our face, too is what others see when people meet you thus a daily skin care routine is a need to everyone of us (so as for guys)

But what we always neglect is in protecting our skin from the UV lighting which are not visible to our eyes. It could cause damage to our skin & also tan our skin naturally.

Thus sunscreen does play a big role in this matter.
And it has to be moist to keep our skin hydrate locked!

Sunplay Skin Aqua is one of a good choice with affordable price sold in the market (RM55.90 only)!
It's SPF 50+pa, keeping your skin protected from the sun & at the same time hydrating your skin.

If you are familiar of the texture after applying any normal sunscreen onto your face, you will realize that it tends to feel a little dry & powdery on your fingers/face. But with Sunplay Skin Aqua you will feel it's translucent watery base in texture.

For example i dipped the product into the pool and it floats onto the water surface like a feather.
This shows that the product content is light in weight.
Now lets imagine yourself applying Sunplay onto your face!

It does look milky but after you spread it it became translucent & watery felt.
Yes, thats my nude face.

Not to mention, it's a daily routine of a basic skin care that you need to apply sunscreen on face be it you are not going out from your house because indoor lighting too could cause UV.

Thus sunscreen is my daily routine 'must apply item' & also it serves as my make up base.

Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Super Moist Essence is available at Watsons nationwide with only RM55.90 and it will last you a few months (daily usage)


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