Or Tea? | HK Premium Tea Gift

A premium tea brand from Hong Kong.
Thanks to a beloved friend who never fail to forget me, pamper me always.

Or Tea? is a culture infused tea with contemporary art.
In Hong Kong, they tend to promote art & culture very strong & influentially.

I'm actually a preferred tea person than coffee.
Or Tea? has got a very unique taste of packaging & they tend to focus on graphics to suit the content of every tea they have in store.

Such as they tend to pack all the tea into a huge tea bag.

They actually sell their tea individually into a canister, just like other tea brands, they too have got assorted tea gifts.

All in very beautiful graphic art.
They uses a lady to represent the tea of life.

They have got assorted fusion taste of oolong & herbal tea.

With some premium chamomile & fruit tea.

Types of green tea too! 

Even though they packed all the tea individually with nice graphic art.
At the rear of the tea they tend to expose the look of their tea.
So that you could purchase or consume it with heart felt safety (quality check)

Their peony tea was very refreshing in taste.
And their teabag is thread sealed.

And their blossom tea is looking so so fresh.
It blooms in my cup & lifted up the mood eventually.

Website: http://www.or-tea.com/


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