[Non Halal] Demitasse | USJ 16

Tasted like a fine dine but it locate in a friendly neighborhood of USJ16 and serving in an affordable cost with its finest taste.

Demitasse is quite a distance from where i live.
It was a recommended place by a friend of mine who has been telling me how good was the food was and it hooked my curiosity ever since.

A simple facade design in bright clear white.
Interior furniture were fitted with dark nature wood and a row of sleek leather-like seating.
The owner placed his hobby collections in the shop and they focus in brewing your coffee from scratch of discovery.

Their menu too, is limited in choice.
But they tend to paid much effort on every quality of the food and keeping its standard on the serving plate.

Also, serving you infused water FOC.
I was having mint, cucumber, strawberry infused water of the day.
Very refreshing.

Not to mentioned, on a Lamborghini container box. 

Demitasse focus much on their coffee quality too
But due to my level of caffeine tolerate at night, i ordered their tea off from their menu.
Demitasse serves very classic brand of French company tea, DAMMANN Frères.

The Vert Touareg is a DAMMANN Green Tea 
It is a mixture of green tea with mint leaves. It gives a natural mint aroma in which is what i need, light & refreshing.
Just infuse for 3 minutes in hot water then you will get a good light refreshing tea in your cup.

LapSang SouChong is rather an indifferent taste from our normal tea.
It's DAMMANN's china black tea which tasted like a smoked wood with a delicate smokey fragrance which perfectly balance your taste bud.

In other word of describing this tea, it tasted like smoked bacon. hahaha. 

They also serve Valrhona Chocolate
It's a French premium choclate brand.

Even though they serve something which is not locally branded.
They also tend to focus on local dish but in optional method.

Such as, Nasi Lemak, they came with PORK option.
And they tend to serve it in a limited portion per day. So it sold out real quick.
The Pork was very very tender and they serve it with Basmati Rice in Coconut Santan.

Pork Medallion served in style.
Pork too was juicy tender!
And they serve the roasted potato in whole with mustard and sauces.
Rockets as side with cherry tomato.

I'm not a cabonara person because i never fancy on thick cream in food.
But i took a few bite of their Boscaiola & it changed my mind.
Or maybe just for Demitasse's Boscaiola.
Their cream is light and nothing overflow nor thick in mouth.
I kinda enjoy it.

Pork Lasagna tasted well.
I can taste every layering in my mouth while chewing it.

Pork Burger comes in whole.
But we requested the kitchen to cut them into portion of sharing.

And we get to see the tender juicy of the pork patty.
Freshly made.

I liked the mascarphone cream on top
It has a pinch of lemony taste and when i digged in the baba cake in the bottom was solid.
So when the cake was dripped with the mascarphone is suppose to melt in your mouth. But i find the baba cake was rather a little solid.

Or i should say i much prefer my dessert comes in some level of softness.
My friend was telling me he is not a dessert person but Demitasse's Bread & Butter Pudding changed his mind?
This comes with a moist bread drizzled with egg custard+vanilla sauce. A little thick in taste but quite enjoying to me.

That's me. lol
Again, i find that my androidgraphy is not being steady these days, specially night time.

I find it Demitasse serves a good quality control of their food which comes in an affordable cost.
The space is rather limited in seatings but it has a cosy environment. They are in the midst of considering in expanding their seatings, and i would definately return one day to eat their Boscaiola. :)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demitasse.co/ 
Address: 29, Jalan USJ 16/2f, Usj 16, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone: +60 17-682 7632
Hours: Wed-Sunday 10am-10pm


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