Miss Rose@ SS15 USJ

Not my best androidgraphy
but i love the presentation & the taste of the ice cream

Locating at the famous SS15 USJ where loads of youngster & crowd would hang out til late night of the day and still feeling energetic for the night.

At the same row of McDonald, the staircase between KimchiHaru & Panmee shop, leads you to an Premium Ice Cream shop at First Floor which serves in Rose Petals or in normal scoop portion.

For RM14.80 you get to choose single or double flavor for Miss Rose
They have got multiple flavour and their red ones (raspberry) are always selling out fast.
Rose are always beautiful in blood red. :)

Besides than just ice cream, they have got other menus too

Such as waffle.
This is Fruitii Tutti
They serves with blueberry, strawberry, caramel drizzles on top of banana and an ice cream scoop of your choice. In the pic was Mango.
The waffle was soft in heart and a little crispy on the out. It definitely will not go wrong with ice cream too.

One thing for Malaysia Weather, your ice cream tend to melt faster than you can eat. 
Left was Mango with Yogurt, Right was Green tea Earl Grey

Mango was very original in taste but yogurt tasted like milk powdery
Miss Rose are served in cone and they needed some time to scoop every pedal out from the tube.
Advise if you are in a hurry, come back in another day.

And having your love ones buying you a scoop of Miss Rose felt superb like a bouquet of roses.
At least to me. hahaha.

Miss Rose Premium Italian Ice Cream
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Miss-Rose-1716207508647317/
Address: 70 Jalan SS15/ 4D 47500 Subang Jaya
Contact: 017-958 1933
Hours: Tuesday Close | Monday/Wed-Fri 1pm to 11pm | Sat & Sun 3pm to 11pm


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