Kifukuan 㐂福庵 | Kyoto Japan

Cherry Blossom Sundae
[Traveled Period: April - May 2016]
Ending of Spring Season.
Weather was below 20C

Kifukuan 㐂福庵
Kifukuan is a lunch shop serves hot wheat noodle with some Japan Seasonal Dessert. Their menu changes as season changed, and they only operate 11am-4pm daily.

To get here, hop onto Kyoto-shi bus or get yourself to (train) Hakubaicho Station. 
It's a route head to Kinkaku-ji Temple.

Kifukuan locate on the right of the little slope to Kinkaku-ji Temple, along the main road.
It has a neighbourhood Japanese Design on the facade and the staff great you warmly when you enter.

Simple design & font signage.
That what makes Japan so special sometimes.

This was a spontaneous trip where i did not research for any cafes or restaurant to tag on. I felt it will be a little trying sometimes to chase after good reviews and food tasting when i'm travelling.
And what struck me during my visit was definitely the Cherry Blossom theme dessert serves during the very ending of Spring.
Seasonal & Precious.
I just cant resist on trying them all!

I ordered myself a Cherry Blossom Sundae 
As for a first time tasting of Sakura dessert, i actually placed quite an expectation onto it

Boyfriend ordered a Green Tea Sundae
He too wanted to taste the difference of Japan Macha than in our very own country (Malaysia)

The presentation of the dessert shows some effort in little details.
They sprinkles some sakura flakes & seasalt onto the ice cream. 
Serve with mochi on a stick and some sakura bean paste.
When i took my first bite on it, i felt a little saltiness within the sundae and a pinch of plum flowing linger on my tounge. Not too strong in taste except on the bean paste which is solid but moist.

Green Tea was definitely indifferent where i immediately tasted a strong good quality of green tea in my mouth and i had to eat along with the mochi & sundae to blend down the taste. Nothing too sweet nor too blunt in taste. Which was perfect.

It's been months that i'm back to Malaysia and i still can remember the taste, missing it sometimes.
Definitely will return again. 
[Traveled Period: April - May 2016]

Be sure to check their facebook to see what's serving in the season before you go.
Like i mentioned above, Kifukuan serves their menu according to their season. :)

Kifukuan 㐂福庵 
Facebook: Kifukuan 㐂福庵
Address: 12 Kinugasa Goshonouchicho, Kita Ward, 京都市北区 Kyoto Prefecture 603-8378, Japan Phone: +81 75-465-0081
Hours: Daily 11AM–4PM


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