Dining-bar ばんけっと nishiki | Kyoto Japan

[Non Halal] 

Definitely got fascinated by the calligraphy menu.

Locate in a busy area of Kyoto, in a cozy level of buildings.
Nishiki dining bar serves a seasonal or daily menu and serves you their best in the kitchen.

The dining bar located on the first floor and all we wanted was a good drink with sashimi.
Thus we decided to opt for something out of the norm.
Another spontaneous try.

Out of our surprise.
Their menu is totally all in Japanese calligraphy with a date stated.
But of course, they have got an english  menu, which were in printed format with no typography :(

I ordered a High-ball pulm drink and a juice in-case it's a little to 'high' in another sense. hahaha
Also, a small sashimi set for tasting.
Fresh & Delicious.
You totally wont get any bad sashimi in Japan, i'm serious.

It's not necessary you will get salmon everytime in their menu.
This is because the Japanese seems to prefer Tuna over Salmon in their dish.
Drizzle with a lime over our sashimi and eat it with their fresh wasabi.

It tasted awesome.
Sea Urchin on the yuba

Yuba is a tofu (inhouse made tofu)
With the combination mix of sea urchin, it felt like it melted into your mouth in every bite.
I can still remember the taste.

Tofu Mentaiko.

I was crazy over mentaiko in Japan.
Because it's FRESH and they cooked it in variety methods 
I never tried mentaiko over soft tofu so i ordered this.

The mix the mentaiko with their special mayo sauce and toped it onto of their inhouse tofu and torch/baked it.

The layering tasted in the mouth was marvelous!
And they are very generous with their portion too.

Deep Fried Chicken.
Was oil-less and tender. 

Octopus with Red Ginger Tempura

This is again oil-less and crunchy.
You wont get much of their flour and every bite seems to refreshing my taste bud after eating my mentaiko. The effect of Red Ginger perhaps?
The bill was of course slightly expensive if you convert to our very own currency.
But due to it was out last night in Japan, we decided to give it an ALL OUT.
So our spontaneous trip got us a very good meal at the cozy bar.
The bos was friendly even though we dont speak Japanese & definitely there is no barrier in culture.
Total Bil: 6000Yen

Dining-bar ばんけっと nishiki
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/banquet.nishiki
Address: Japan, 〒604-8144 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, 中京区烏丸通錦小路東入る元法然寺町681 服部ビル2F
Phone: +81 75-213-5977
Hours: Monday to Saturday 5:30PM–2AM | Sunday Close


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