Ramadhan at Kelantan Delights, Citta Mall

In this Ramadhan Period, i had learnt about one important thing about the food served in all buffet restaurant. 
It's not about money, it's all about the memories.

In Kelantan Delights, had made me realizes not just the delicious food variety they served. 
But also the delicacy taste of the Kelantan Tradition & with some infusion of us the modern tasting.
Locate at Citta Mall, Ground Floor Level, right side of the whole mall building.

You can barely get the view out of your sigh due to the decorations of all food kiosk and also it's right outside of the entrance.
Kelantan Delights had just opened a new branch in Ara Damansara to fulfill your cravings.

And also a guarantee on their food tasting.
They had won a numerous gourmet awards!

Interiors are decorated with fusion of Malay wood carved patterns & modern furniture fit out.
With some raw bricks on the wall to bring out some sense of basic and toned with softness through the curtains and chair cushions
So as their exterior.
Looking very comfy.

When you enter from the entrance.
You will be greeted by a huge black&white photography of a memoir view of Kelantan Market.
And the table spread are nicely arranged with a good range of food selection.
This is where you are going to start your dishes!

The Main Dishes
Not that spicy but it tasted nice.

 The Beef is nicely cooked without feeling hard nor hard to chew.

 The chicken is tender!

And some vegetable selections.

Then along on the spread table, there's more & more food!
This is the Kerabu & Ulam

(Left) The salted fish looking so tempting & it smells good!
(Right) Ikan Bilis Kerabu

(Left) Chicken Feet Kerabu
(Right) Mixture of Mango Kerabu (ok, i had forgottened the name)

They tend to insert the tradition tools as part of their decor too!

So Outside of the entrance, 
We have got unlimited supply of Juices & Water
(Left to Right) Water, Ice Lemon Tea, Sugarcane, Lime Juice, Soya, Sirap Bandung

 Next to the drinks are Appetizers
Oh! And they do serves Kurma - Date Palms

I was dining with Uncle Zuan he was explaining to us that they tend to eat the dates as the opener so that the fruit will keep their tummy calm & be digested better after the whole long day of their puasa.
Well, me as a chinese i didnt know the power of the Dates can be so strong! And Dates has got strong enrich of fiber too!

Then we have to Som Tham kiosk spread.
Kelantan is actually locate next to Thailand, thus it is not a surprise if the food are somewhat thai related as the culture are a little mixtures and similar.

 They serve the Spicy Thai Rice & Phad Thai Noodles!
Yum yum!

 The prawns are huge!

 Then on the next kiosk spread we have a good served of nasi dagang
 The rice was good!

 The Duck was tender!

 And a beautiful spread of salted egg!
I can see that the salted egg they choose are somewhat very generous.

As in normally when we cook salted egg, there's surely a airgap in the egg right?
But you dont get to see it here as they serve all the egg size equally.

And they have got the good set of Bakar Spread!
The Ikan Pari was gooddddd!
The fish on the 2nd left was good tooo! The meat was like jelly like soft melting in my mouth!
The Kerang was a little dry but it's fresh i can say.

Then i walk back into the restuarant for their desserts
They have got a whole wide spread of desserts.
No Joke.

The kuihs are nicely divided and all in finger licking portion so you can eat more variety!

And they have got spoon serving portion.
You really get to taste everything at the end!

So now if you are curious about the pricing for the whole wide spread.
Below pic is the pricing.
RM77nett for Adults, RM38nett for Children

And they have different menu for different day!
The one i went was actually Menu Set M2

 Lastly but not least, a picture with the Kelantan Delight Director, Azman Fitton.
KD Head Cheaf, Muslim Sadli, and lastly the beautiful blogger Nicole

Kelantan Delights, Citta Mall

Call or SMS: +603 2785 1945/ +6010 798 4616/ +6017 415 5243 
E-mail: sales@kelantandelights.com


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