[Non Halal] Thai Hou Sek

[*updated on 23Sept 2016] 
Its was just a quick lunch as i work nearby 1 Utama shopping mall.
Thus it's unavoidable for me to lunch in the mall at least once a week.

Recently the mall is revamping their old wing and more new shops/f&b are opening within a glimpse in a month.

Thai Hou Sek
Is a thai-chinese restaurant serving comfort porklicious meals inspired by thai street food. With the quote 'Eat like a King'

The interior of the restaurant is rather fully decor with effort.
From floor to ceiling. they uses simple ply with rustic effect.
And simple floor pattern design with effort in pattern arrangement.

It seems to look like a thai night street life in the shop.
And the lightings were rather dimmed.

Even their menu is design with simple & clean layout.
Price are a little expensive but affordable for a lunch though.
But if it's good, why not.

So me & my colleague ordered two main dish & two drinks.
> Thai Hou Yum
> Ginger Lemongrass
> BKK Braised Pork Rice
> BKK Briased Pork Noodle

Ginger Lemongrass was refreshing
Thai Hou Yum was a mixture of jasmine tea, assomboi & lime thus it was a very appetite drink with a pinch of sour, sweet and saltiness in the mouth & you will total enjoy this.

BKK braised pork noodle
Broth was thick & sweet. I have to give credit to their chilli sauce it's freaking awesome!
But the pork was a little too thick on the fatness.
The broth, was rather a little too sweet in the end.

They serve the noodle with sour veg, an egg and some lean meat too.

BKK braised pork rice
same like the noodle but serve in rice.
served with an egg, some salted veg, lean meat & also thick fat meat

This was served straight after they finish skewing it on the pit.
Good sauce & meat was juicy too.

Overall the food was thick in taste & portion was good.
Sauces were awesome & ambiance was nice.

Just that i realizes it's quite lacking on vegetable portion in all the meals.
I know i ordered something very meaty but it would be good if there's a quarter portion of handsize of veg is being served along in the individual dish so it cleanses the oil in the mouth. :)

I will still come again! gonna order their salad next time ;)
[*updated on 23Sept 2016] below
Came back to the restaurant for dinner with friends!
This time we ordered some sharing platters.

Lotus Leaf Bun was soft and the soy pork was rather too small in portion to feel the chewy bite of meat. But the vegetable makes it crunchy and feeling healthy so it's good to go for me.

You just have to wrap everything up on the platter into the bun.

Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice is more likely in individual portion but the crab is soft and crunchy.
They served it with their awesome chili sauce too.

Pork Neck was tender & juicy. 
Everyone seems to favorite this that night's dinner.

Seafood Tom Yam, the seafood was fresh and the broth was more towards onto sourness with a good pinch of spiciness afterwards.

But it was still sour to me. haha.

This time instead of Thai Hou Yum, i ordered Master's Recipe. The different in this is just it comes with apple & mint. Very refreshing in taste. 

Thai Hou Sek
website https://www.facebook.com/ThaiHouSek
Address: 1 Utama Shopping Mall, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya (Old Wing/Top Floor)


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