Osaka Castle 大阪城天守閣 | Japan

[Traveled Period: April - May 2016]
Ending of Spring Season.
Weather was below 20C

Osaka Castle 大阪城天守閣
is a symbol of Osaka. It is widely known as an emblem of power & fortune of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a warrior/general/samurai who are regarded as Japan's second great unifier, he built it.

Since it is known as a symbolic & historical of Osaka, definitely a must go visit when you are there.
Osaka, is also known as  the Pure Royal & Birth of all Samurai back then in their history.
It's good to always have a map of the location you are going.
Japan is small, but it's very compact & well organized.

It can be reach by JR Line (Morinomiya Station) or Tanimachi Line (Tanimachiyonchome Station) depended on your take off location. I came from Tanimachi Line, thus i will surpass the NHK Osaka broadcasting center, Osaka police office and take a cross over the road, you will reach their outer part of the Osaka Castle Boundary.

The castle is locate the the center peak. 

Walk surpass of their open garden and you will see a visible view of the castle
The castle is surrounded by a deep river/water where fishes and everything under water is simply clean & visible.

The view is definitely breathtaking and like a mirror reflect.

Follow the crowd up to the bridge & into the inner castle boundary. They had changed their ticketing booth to the very entrance of castle building so you are welcome to walk into the Osaka Castle Park (inner of the boundary) anytime of the day as long as their main entrance door is open. ;)

I paid ¥600(pax) for the castle entrance fee (main tower).
You are encourage to take the stairs up 7 floors.
Each floor has got different gallery. Then take the lift back down to avoid overcrowding.
Top floor, is the city town 360degree viewing tower.

Interior, they still remained the core structure of the building and maintain everything as original as possible. But they changed their staircase to more modern design for safety reason & lift purposes.

Not all area are allowed to take pic.
Due to they are displaying historical scrolls, weapons, costume of legendary warriors.

they were showing the changes of war within generations of different war by their legendary warriors.

Osaka Warrior flags.

Warrior Symbolic Helmets

And they have got souvenir shops on the top floor.
Selling the Osaka Castle symbolic which only available on this level of the building.
All products/items are nicely craft & well handled.

Walk out from the door are the level 7 to their balcony.
You will see a great view of Osaka.

Besides than just Osaka Castle,
You also get to see the exterior of Osaka Treasure House

Their wild plants were very beautifully grown.

More souvenir shops or resting area exteriorly.

You will get to purchase some postcard & get it posted on the spot.
I am a stamp collector, thus i bought their special stamp collection booklet.

Also, there's Hokoku-jinja Shrine

No pictures are allowed to be taken at the holy area.
Japanese Omamori for various purpose for prayers & protections.

Their garden are well maintained & designed.

And i also walked around the Marked Stones Square where you get to see loads of their season plants and some japanese elder enjoying their view sitting on the bench while holding their camera in hand.

I love flowers.
[Traveled Period: April - May 2016]

Osaka Castle 大阪城天守閣 
Osaka Castle Entrance Fee [¥600]
Official Web:
Map PDF:

Address: 1-1 Osakajo, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 540-0002, Japan
Hours: 9AM–5PM
Built by: Toyotomi Hideyoshi


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