[Non Halal] Soon Lai Kuay Chap | Batu Pahat

I went down to Batu Pahat last week due to the long lovingly weekend holiday and had a one day mini venture of exploration in the town.

Few months back i went to Muar & didnt manage to eat the Kuay Chap there thus i could not just let the chance to be miss in my visit to Batu Pahat this time.

Kuay Chap is one of the specialty in Johor. 
It is like their Otak-otak, every state in Johor has got their very very own taste.
Thus Kuay Chap in Johor is very indifferent than the Kuay Chap in Penang.

It was 2pm when i reach Soon Lai.
And the crowd was still crazy in there. Space was small but good enough to walk around.
There's outdoor & indoor seatings.

You gotta order your meal at the specific counter at the corner. Because the crowd was too huge so they want to keep it neat in ordering. In which i find it quite systematic.

Though their interior/exterior looks like an old shop, but they keep everything very clean.

Pricing was a affordable (in compare to KL of course) and you get to order whichever you like.
All pricing are excluding 6% GST.

So it was just me & my 'le boyfriend', thus we orders some little portions off the menu.

The braised egg has got a pinch good texture of the broth flavor when bite in mouth. The pork where nicely handled and cooked til tender melting. The intestine where well cleaned and it was already good without dipping it into the chili sauce provided. 

Kuay Chap is actually a rice sheet which is soft & smooth. It was so smooth that it keeps slipping out of my spoon. It also has got a good bite of texture in mouth and served in good bowl of broth which are heavily cooked for hours with their inhouse secret herbs and braised broth. When they served the Kuay Chap, they also topped it with some generous pinch of fried shallots. 

As i was mentioning the difference of Kuay Chap. Soon Lai is more onto lightness in taste but get you get a thick essence of flavoring linger on your tongue.

I had hawthorn juice and le boyfriend had the kamkuat. Not too sweet nor too light in flavouring.

Not bad for a taste in Soon Lai.
Will return next time when i drop by to Batu Pahat again ;)

Kedai Makan Soon Lai 顺来粿汁 
Address: 6-C, Jalan Fatimah, Batu Pahat, Johor
GPS: 1.849104,102.927711
Hours: 11:00am to 6:00pm


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