Mentholum Botanic: Natural Goodness: From the Earth

This is quite a passionate brand which market in a very unique way.
Aims to give high quality plant-base product
Passion is to give the best.
Pricing is extraordinary affordable.

I'm quite awed about this product as it's cheap, simple aims and very passionate in their products.
Why? Because even though they only have got face wash & mask selling in the market, they want both their products to be good in it's content with a minimum cost & in natural content only.

Botanics' Face Wash comes in three type.
Gel, Water, Bubble
Each type contain different natural herbs thus it gives different effect on your facial skin. 

How to differentiate the packaging within these tree?
Gel is in tube, Water & Foam you have got to look at their pump design.

I was fortunate to learnt a few tips towards these tree different type of wash during their launch early this year. As i always been using the GEL type and it always dried out my skin after wash therefore i always keep a mist or toner in my toilet to moist my skin immediately before the oil outbreak.

Thus it was a good experience for me to explore on the water & foam base.

Foam base was light in weight.
It has a little scent of herbs and the compactness of the foam was amazing.

Just one pump and gently rub it overall my hand i got a very good coverage of foam to cleanse my skin. After washing it away with water, my skin felt a clean with a little moisture and gentle soft in touch.

Water base was easy too but a little heavier than the foam bottle in weight.
Also giving a good moist effect on skin but it's rather suitable for dry skin.

To highlight again,
It's very very affordable in pricing.

Besides than the facial wash,
It is wise to always practice to apply face mask every 2 to 3 times a week at least.

Botanics' facial sheet mask comes in 5 type of incensed herb/natural floral.
Roseship Oil. Pomegranete. Aloe Vera. Rosemary. Lavender

I had not tried this thus i cant comment much onto the facial sheet.
But if the cleanser are nice, i think the sheet will be good too.

As Botanics strongly highlighted their products are more onto organic/nature side thus it's quite a light aromatic product and contains quite a few range to cater for all skin types.

Like what i had written above, Botanic has got only got two products and they aim for a goodness impact with it. But when it comes to organic products, i like it. hahaha!


Available in all Guardian Malaysia outlet. 


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