Teppan TSEN @ Atria Shopping Gallery

It has been quite some time that i had been passing by to Atria's top floor behind Sushi Tsen's outlet with this fascinating construction which has been there for months and keep me excite with their TEPPANYAKI posters as a teaser.

After weeks! It is now finally OPEN!
And it's only been open for the 3rd day of my first visit!

Let me show you a teaser of my set of lunch!

And as mentioned, they are locating behind of Sushi Tsen with a shared kitchen.
Same owner but a little different concept.

Teppanyaki could be found in anywhere mostly but what is different about this outlet is rather on it's choice of taste. They added a little more savory in flavoring. 

But first, besides than just serving you Teppan food, you can also order *Sushi's Tsen's menu while dining at the teppan area! 

The greatness is there is no service charge.

So briefly they will give you two set of menu.
They even rebranded Sushi's Tsen's menu and added a little more stuff in.
Also to find out that they had indeed increased a ringgit or two in pricing but still the food are affordable. 

Talk about quality + money. 
TSEN could be category as decent Japanese Restaurant in mall & cheap.

the rebranding & repacking of new menu

Below is the Teppan Menu
two page of choice and portion is huge!

Having been decisiveness, i ordered the Chicken Teppan set.
In the beginning i thought they will serve me with the typical teppanyaki sauce and grilling, but instead they caught me in surprise. 

Their chicken is not overcooked & the chef cooked it with radish+teppan sauce+tomato
or maybe there is other hidden ingredient in which i had yet to discover.

The tomato is sweet & surprisingly good! 

Not to mention, crunchy huge portion of bean sprout it's even larger than my bowl of rice!

Slice mutton was nice too!
Quite jucy and just nice in flavoring.
Suits those who are heavy flavor taster. 

A more blow up of the food.

One of the highlight of Teppan Tsen is the way they serve the food
If you are sitting next to the serving belt, you will get all the fun of their car conveyor belt.

Look at the video below!

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Your food is being serve you through the cute little car conveyor belt and stop right next to you!
How you know that the meal is yours?
They have this little green light will be lited before it reach your place.

They even have a label for you towards the usage of green light!
And you need to press the green light off after you had taken your meal off from the car conveyor.

So i was not picture ready 
but i enjoyed myself with the portion served for the set
even though you feel that its just a miso soup with veg, meat & rice
But hey, they are serving a healthy portion of what a basic propoer meal should have.

Handful of veg, fistful of rice & a fistful of meat with soup. <3

Teppan Tsen
Third Floor (behind Sushi Tsen)
Atria Shopping Gallery

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  1. Thanks for your sharing. They have Halal certificate or not?