Wilton Course 1: Day 2 Cake Decoration with ICCA

Day 2 Cake Decoration 

This is a fun day to start with!
Of course, loads of washing and coloring to do.

So we started the day with coloring our prepared frosting and also getting ready with all our pipping bags and toolkit to start the lesson!

the infamous 1M tip to create a Rosetta flower!

Then another tip to do on the difficult daisy. 
It's quite difficult for me at least!
 Then we top it with green leaves pipe
and a round tip with yellow cream as the flower core.

Then we learn how to pipe more patterns.
Like a ballet dress dancing on the tips!

 So beautiful!
Then we did this so petite beautiful sunflower
It still touches my heart <3

 Look at the final outcome of all my pipping on my prepared cupcakes!
Of course you gotta have some practice & keep cleaning the piping tips in every use.

Then with the round head tip we learn how to write with it.

Something which is extra and not from course 1.
i curi pipe can or not? hahaha

Also, look at what other students are doing with their work!
Suddenly i felt that i dont have design flair lol!!

Overall it's really a good fun course to learn on all the basic pipping.
With basics we get to learn how to pipe alot of different stuff. It's just the matter on how to lay them on the cake itself which matters!

Thus i think it's time for me to upgrade my skills already! ahhaha


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