Wilton Course 1: Day 1 Cake Decoration with ICCA

Baking has always been my hidden interest when i was young.
But of course my main interest in learning floral arrangement and still i had not achieved it.
I decided to take a step in baking because i want bake something to make my friends/family to enjoy, so i take up Wilton Course 1 in cake decoration with ICCA, kota damansara.

Wilton Course 1 at ICCA is actually a 2 day course on seperate weekend.
On the Day 1 course, they will give me a tool kit box in which will guide me in the course 1.
Inside includes a manual book with all the techniques written, a set of pipping tips, pipping bags & other tools.

ICCA is very considerate for all their students to have a good glimpse of the process with a mirror on top of their demo table. Also, they have very well experience instructor to guide you in the course.

First the instructor taught us how to beat the butter cream (basic) and to crust up the cake.
As this is a cake decoration class, there is no baking involve. Thus all cakes are pre-prepared to class. Then they will only do the frosting/cream in class for us all to do it in class, together.

The instructor was using one of the tool in the kit box to frost the cake.

 So i did my cake slowly.
Not perfect but it's a good start as a beginner!

The instructor also warm up the tool to flatten up the frost on cake.
So it has got a smooth texture.


So the instructor guide us up to do the outline of an owl!
Hahaha. Look so cute~

And she teach up on the pipping technique and hand angles/tips to highlight us on achieving the best decoration on board then on the cake.

We practiced it on a printed manual given in the toolkit box.

Nice & sturdy hand.

So i have got alot of practice before i pipe it onto the cake.
What i learnt in here is that we need to pipe everything or anything with confident!

 Then i got a weird angle of my owl's feather. lol!

This is my simple outcome.
Nothing to fancy about.
But i am happy about it.

Thus decorating is not about getting a good strong basic technique learn then you can achieve any type of decoration with the same technique!
Stay tune on my Day2 to see further on more basic techniques i mentioned!


  1. Extremely beautiful decoration of the cakes in these pictures. I really liked the owl.

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