Worthybook | GRANT ME MY WISH!

Valentine's Day is ticking off the time counting down to all of our heart when February is drawing near. It is also a season where all the gentlemen must be scratching their head thinking what to do or what to give as a gift to their beloved girlfriends.

What i am writting today is far more than just a surprise.
Its more like a coupon where it is worth your money, value & also affordable!

Introducing you this WORTHY BOOK - LADIES EDITION
Where there are loads of coupon for just RM25 in all nationwide bookstore, magazine area.

I am introducing this as a trick!
Topping up from all your flowers and gift, where you can ask your girlfriend to pick any coupon in the booklet and you will pay for it. ;)

Strategy is like granting them three wish where you will pay for the value of total bil.
And the coupon also comes with an expiry. HAHHAHA!

Ladies, please dont hate me!

So they have got load of category and the booklet start from FASHION!
We all know Fblock actually is quite cheap & affordable.
And with 15% off is like a grab!

We all know XIXILI is comfy & a little pricy.
It's 50% what??
Or 25% off from total bill what?? 0.0!!

Shoes Shoes Shoes!
Pick any killer heels and ask boyfie pay!!

Or you can pamper yourself with nail polishes service
Alot us girls love manicure & pedicure!

Also they have got some spa treatment
relax sial!

Or you guys can go get a couple watch mix match outing!

No problem,
got skincare line also!

Facial Facial Facial!
Pamper yourself with an indifferent facial treatment!


Here comes the expensive one girls!
Get that blink and treat yourself a most lavish accessories!
What a bargain!

Of course you can also go exercise together with your friends or you can use them as you wish as long as it's within the expiry date!

If boyfriend is not buying this is okay.
Because girlfriends can buy this & pamper yourself all year long (remember to check the expiry date!)
Also, girls you can buy dee and ask boyfriend grant you three wish for valentines! Hahahaha!

Remember, this is RM25 & you can get it in any bookstore. 
I got mine at popular bookstore, magazine section! 

1 comment:

  1. kinda okay price for a book which will give you tons of interesting cupons.

    if you are my gf, surely i'll buy you one hehe