Locating in Publika, i had bump into this place a few times until one day i paid the effort in walking into the restaurant to find out what serves in the menu.

What attracted me it was their interior at first, that is why i have got a few nice impression about this place. Everything is wood and very Japanese cultural fit out.

Then, is the food. Authentic Izakaya style which goes perfect with boost & drinks.
First & only one outlet so far in Malaysia.
Let me introduces about Tsubohachi to you.
What is Izakaya?

Original in Hokkaido Japan and has got more than 300 outlet in just Japan itself for the past 42 years.
It is famous for its tranditional Izakaya style ever since it is being established in year 1973 in Hokkaido, Japan.

Why is it famous?
Because it is part of the culture in Japan.  Izakaya is a type of casual Japanese drinking place which serves food to accompany with drinks after long day of working.

So if you are familiar of Publika, it is actually facing opposite of the housing area.
And also very easy to be spotted onto if you are driving on the road.

I was literally caught by the impression of the interior.
It look as if i was walking into an authentic Japan restaurant and the design just simply took my sight away.

They have got Japan iconic decors on the wall and also they display the sake bottle in aligned on the shelving.

Also, the menu in Japanese text font.

If you dont understand Japanese text, it's alright.
They have got a friendly menu on every of their serving table, neatly placed in order.

Their red menu is their recommended/special menu.
Because Izakaya is a casual drinking place, thus Sake is part of their menu.
Very affordable in pricing too with the quantity per bottle served.

Of course if you do not wish to order any sake, they have got other alcoholic, mocktail or cocktail drinks in the menu. 

Asahi SubZero is a must try.
First in Malaysia, and it chills your throat down to your tummy.

They also have got highball drink series, It's a combination of whisky & soda.
This one here is Ginger Highball.
It was a favorite by all.

Lets look into their other menu.
The Grilled | Yakitori

Their meat is very tender, 
the chef itself was imported from Japan, and the grilled timing was perfect for tasting."
All their grilled comes in two type of flavour. With Sauce or with Salt.

Even though alot of us would say chicken skin is very oily.
But it's crunchy here in Tsubohachi.
They special select the skin & made some process to filter out the 'fatness'

And in their special menu, they have got a few recommended dishes that the manager would suggest for the first timer to try.

Salad Salad.
The salad is cooked and served in chilled.
Very refreshing in taste and it serves good as an appetizer.

And they have got other appetizer to start off besides than salad

Chicken Softbon was something unexpected nice in bite.

And their karaage chicken is very tender & juicy.

Also, i'm a fan of mentaiko.
The special of this two dishes is that they are both mashed potato but tasted like mochi texture.

Minched chicken with hotspring egg was awesome.
Specially after it was dressed with the teppanyaki sauce and the pot went sizzling hot.

Mackerel is a must in a japanese restaurant.
Because Japanese dont always eat salmon, they tends to mackerel and tuna in alot of cooking method.
Thus grilled atka mackerel is a must in the menu, Izakaya style.

And salmons are cooked in broth and grilled with veg.
But of course if you would like to have raw sashimi salmon, they have it in their menu too.

As part of their special menu,
they have got this cute flowing somen noodle set.

It was introduced to us that in Japan, the kids are trained to hold chopstick through the natural flowing of cold mountain water through the bamboo shoots by picking up their food fast & accurately. But not every place of japan has got mountain water thus they created this play tray where water will keep flowing in circulation and you can throw in anything into it and only pick it up after a few seconds later.

So everything has to be FAST. hahaha!

And something hot, non spicy.
Pork Belly with Cabbage served in mille feuille style.

They insert the pork into each sandwich layering in the pot. 
And the soup are natural sweet with the pork broth dipped.

And some of us felt that the pork was very organic sweet and they prefered something heavier in taste, thus they dipped their pork into the light soy sauce served on the table.

And they also have got Pot Rice series where the rice is cooked on the spot for at least 15minutes.

And also there is omelette & dumpling as side dish.
Very light in taste thus its the sauce which makes most of the flavoring. 

Of course they are desserts in the menu.
Thin green tea crepe skin with red bean paste & vanilla icecream.

And dancing rice cake hidding the shy ice cream beneath with the red bean
A very nice combination. 

Yuzu was very refreshing.
The citron tasted like natural sweetness and feels very chilling in mouth.

And i had Yuzu wine after the sorbet.
Suitable for girls who love drinking sweet wine. Recommended.

So the sake was very worthy as it is more than 1litre itself per bottle. And you can order one and share with your friends while dining there the whole night!

So we was happy with the dining experience and i still get awed by their interior on every sigh i look at.

Filled with japanese art and atmosphere of culture.

So they have got this promotion where you can DRINK ALL YOU CAN withint 1.5hours.
price is per pax but you will get whatever they listed there.

And addition, i realize alot of japanese comes in group dining in Tsubohachi.
And their table is all filled with food & also alot of sake/beer & all sorts of drinks.

Mostly respectable, is that they tends to drink very well.
They will go sober but not totally drunk!

Address: A2-UG1-9 Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas, Jalan Solaris, Publika, 50480 Hartamas Heights, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact:+60 3-6206 5526
Hours: Monday - Fri [11am to 2:30pm | 5:30pm to 12:00am]


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