[Non Halal] The Champ Kitchen | Kepong

This is going to totally flood your cravings in both your tounge & tummy
Let me write you this entry about this thick savory pork shop in Kepong.

The Champ Kitchen 猪多宝 
It started off years before we were born and tradition being passed down from the ancestor.
The Champ Kitchen is somehow a family business which keeps the originality style of cooking & method into their cooking.

Instead of specializing just only in pork itself.
It also specialize in overall of the body part of the pig itself.
From every part of the pig, they are being used & cooked in it's best method for a dish.

Left is the facade of the restaurant, locating in the heart of Kepong where all the good food gathers in that area.
Right is where they actually cooked their braised pork knuckle. A huge pot where they slow cook for days just to serve you ONE satisfying dish.

The effort that they put into this pot is quite mesmerizing.
They have to keep stirring it between hours to hours to ensure the pork is well cooked or to check see if there is something lacking. For days it will be cooked. And guarantee it is worthy for your money.

Because the Pork Knuckle is being tied up with strings to lock up it's freshness and juice in it's originality. Then it was marinated in it's special thick sauce, and the end result was very awesome.

They will cut & slice up the meat for you. And you can totally smell the thick flavoring so yummy in the air.

And the meat is very very tender. The pork literally melted once it entered into your mouth.

And they have got Fried Bun for you to dip the pork sauce so that you can enjoy every bit of your dish.

So what if you dont have a big crowd and yet you want to try the infamous pork?
No worries, They have got ala carte meal & it's very affordable less than RM10 depending what you order.

They even have got some fusion japanese curry pork rice in their menu

And to those who really love Pork Lard

So what if you are not craving for any rice but noodles?
The Champ Kitchen has thought it all for you.
They have got some noodle series in the menu too!

If non of the above noodle are in your craving,
you can choose between from cha soba, zaru soba, inaniwa udon and they will be served in their clear hot broth soup.

Not to mention,
There are some sides that you can top up.
But mostly comes along with the ala cart menu in the rice series. 

Something Salty on your side dish

Something Salty & Spicy

Besides than Pork, They also serve Slow Braised Beef Brisket with RICE or without.
The beef is very tender too!

Besides all the main dishes shown above. They also have got glittering century egg ginger. 
I call it glittering because it looks like watering in my eyes & my saliva is already dropping.

They also serve the century egg with cold tofu.
Perfect combination!

They also serve Grilled Lamb Belly with Szechuan Pepper.
They grilled it only they pour the pepper sauce over it

And the fish is good too!

The Pork Neck Skewer is tender and i couldnt get enough of it.

Well, this does not look quite appetizing but then it's really delicious.
With salted fish in it, the dish is very thick in flavoring and it somewhat not too salty but yet very very delicious. It goes better with rice too.

And they have got minched meat omelette

Every bite you will taste the minched meat, so tender.

Of course, so much of the meaty food above, 
The Champ Kitchen also serve some selective of soup in their menu.
Best of all, they have got 'SOUP OF THE DAY'.
This is to guarantee that you get to drink the freshness out from your soup.

So you have got to check out what's out of the menu or special of the day all posted on their wall of fame.

They dont just cover meaty dishes & recipe.
They also have got some awesome ice cream.
Something simple but yet very very satisfying.

To Me: I think The Champ Kitchen is somewhat being fusion in their menu but at least they are not serving dishes in weird mixing but somewhat simple in base but heavy in sauce.
The Porks are very tender & very enjoying. And for a simple bowl of Pork Knuckle Rice just cost from RM8 and above up to your selection. You can even consult the waiter/waitress if you dont read chinese. Even though the shop seems busy but they will put up their best service for you as per request. Not bad for a place to crave on with loads of meat with tradition recipe.


The Champ Kitchen 猪多宝 
Address: No 19 Jalan KIP 1, Taman Perindustrian KIP, Kepong , 52200 Kuala Lumpur Contact: 603 6275 1919
Hours: Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 8pm , Sunday 9am to 7pm


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