Tester Laboratory | Kepong

Fully Indulged with Food,
Science/Lab Tools Genuinely used for food serving

Where else you can find this in Malaysia?
Only in Tester Laboratory Kepong

Tester Laboratory is not a typical science lab where you have to mixed your own food
But they serve their food in genuine lab tools used during our education time in school laboratory.
It took them for almost 6 months to get an approval for the operation due to the concern over the tool used, but it did not stop them from trying to bring in a brand new thematic cafe for your craving.

 Facade of Tester Laboratory: Opposite of a famous steamboat

The shop has got a simple layout & also interior fitout because they want to keep it simple just like any other laboratory with white walls & concrete/steel.

And they have got cold drip coffee with all the magnificent siphon dripper 24/7 standby to brew you some fresh coffee from the fresh beans.
Of course, you will need to have a little patient in waiting for it too.

They even have got some decorative of the lab tools on the wall with simple light bulb to light up the whole space.

Since i had started off the the coffee dripper, i would like to introduce you some of the drink served in the menu.
I suppose you could feel the marshmallow melting in your throat with the thick chocolate now by just looking at the pic.

And Tester Lab has got a few of milkshake drinks.
I was told they are quite fattening, due to the huge 600ml serving!!
They tasted ice cream creamy & sweet for the tounge.

They drizzled the Oreo powder onto the drinks.
They are delicioussssss.

Because the Choco Orea milkshake has got cookie bites,
Thus the chocolate milkshake tasted good, just without the Oreo.
Green Tea Milkshare are creamy healthy too.

Tester Lab also serve some Mocktail drinks in their menu.
And you can see clearly of all the ingredients used in their drinks without hiding.
All the fruits are finely chopped.

Tester Lab also has got their in-house tea, 
they specially sun dried the fruit everyday for a week before it can be served.
So that when you drink you will taste a very sweet natural fragrant from the tea and also getting the natural nutrient out from its originality.

So Tester Lab has got a series of healthy, creamy & mocktail drinks.
They also serve some awesome food

Nasi Lemak tasted good especially the fried chicken,
it was very very tender! And the sambal is specially made in-house with the research of PJ's top nasi lemak house's sambal.
If they could pay such an effort in doing the research & tasting, then this is worth a try!

If you dont like to have a typical local food & feeling western.
They also do serve some pasta in the menu.

And they have got a very good tender chicken chop with their signature sauce.
This is really good.

It took them alot of effort in making this pork chop dish.
They minched the pork chop and then flatten it like a bakery dough Then they insert some mixture of cheese then roll it up. Alot of work to be done and the dish is seriously cheesy

 They serve a real generous amount of cheese in this pork chop.
Also, no huge porky smell too.

And the next dish is Tester Lamb Shank.
It took them minimum 2 days in process of marinating the lamb
The final results on the plate was fantastic. No lamb smell, meat was tender and the sauce was gorgeous.

Pork Ribs tasted well with the sesame sauce served.
A little dry but it's quite a huge portion for one to finish.

So after the heavy food,
Tester Lab also has got some Cocktail served in the menu.
You can control your alcohol level in the mixture
Screw Driver: Orange Juice + Alcohol

Bloody Mary: Fresh Sweet Tomato + Alcohol + A little bit of Tabasco

Tester is definitely not my first time visit.
My friend brought me there on my first visit & i got amazed of their tools used in their serving. They uses the original Lab Tools in which are genuine and hard to get. Light in weight & also clear content labelled. So you will know how much ML in your drinks and you could start counting the calories consumed. LOL. 
Besides than just the tools, the food are good in the combination served but due to i'm not a person who fancy too much on western food, i find that the effort they used in getting rid of the lamb smell from their lamb shank is quite impressive. Also the chicken chop is awesome! 
So if you are around the corner for some steamboat, you could drop by to the cafe for their drinks & chitchat with friends. Pictures shown here are just park of their menu drinks. They have got more choices opt for your taste.

Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro 
Address: 48, Jalan 8/62a, Bandar Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 11:30 AM – 11:30 PM


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