Every girl would like to be pretty
And we tend to wear mask at least once a week, 
or maybe you are like me sometimes once a month! hahaha.

I was walking around One Utama the other day & i bump into this beautiful kiosk name L'HERBOFLORE selling only taiwanese mask.
With the beautiful floral design & vibrant color, i got attracted not only by the packaging but also to the scent & texture of the mask.

So i got myself a few mask
Top: Uplift Firming Chrysanthemum Mask | Bottom: Camellia Nourishing Hydromask

What is cute is that they have got a mini mask where you can test on it's moisture & texture on the spot where you will get a maximum guaranteed experience of the mask.

Non sticky | Watery base | Made out of Natural Plant Fiber | Translucent Mask 

You can see below that they have got various type of flower scented mask & also fruit mask
All packaging are so beautiful

And they have got Collagen Mask & Black Pearl Mask for intensive focus purpose

Below are pictures taken at their kiosk at One Utama

The application of the mask are just like any other mask.
Apply it on your clean face & silently wait for at least 15 to 20mins.

And i am going to demo one pack to show you of their ultimate moist

I am going to use the Camellia Nourishing Hydromask

Once you open up the pack, you will see the mask is nicely fold with loads of liquid inside

Open up the mask and apply it gently on your clean face

Here is a zoom up of the moist on my skin around my eyes.
It's waterbase & smell nice too. Non sticky

So i apply it on my leg. 2 min each and then rub them all over my feet

And i feel that my face is brighten up.

So what happens after that?Initially i bought alot of mask & given it to my friends, then i went back to the store and purchase a few more for myself. This is the first time where i find the mask is very translucent adhesive on my skin. It feels like my face an breath through the mask. And also the generous amount of liquid packed in the mask where so much that i could find an empty small container & store it up. So that i can use a clean dry mask (can buy in drugstore, like compact pil type) and dip it into the leftover liquid to make another new sheet of mask. Of course without the translucent plant fiber L'HERBOFLORE is seilling. 
It's a good mask!

Address: Lot FK103, First Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama, 48400, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


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