Chai Salad Bar | Oasis Square

I have been doing alot of detox this few months and i could not help myself but to explore loads of cafes or restaurant which sells healthy & nature good content. 

I'm not that total strict detox person but i believe a good intake of 'good fat' will not harm my detox program too!

So here i am at Chai Salad Bar in Ara Damansara, Oasis Square.
I was craving for a filling healthy meal and i heard this shop is good, so i drove all my way there to check it out during my lunch hour.

Chai Salad Bar has got a simple & clean set up.
All their food is displayed on the counter to show you their guarantee on hygiene & freshness.

Simple Menu.
It's either you order their recommendation Fab10 Salads or you can mix your own salad.

All their Fab10 Salads are top & recommended Salads in which favorite by people.
They label out all the content on their menu just incase you are seeking or avoiding some content.

The only problem in the shop is that you have to fill in your own order form before you proceed to their counter.
They have got a very small table as their water refreshment & form counter.
You have got to take one of the order form & tick watever you are planning to order in the menu.
After you are done, you can proceed to the cashier counter to place your order & payment.

It is quite a little confuse for a first timer to figure out your order form. But everything is quite clearly labelled & categorized.
You can customized you Salad in this form too. So you will get to eat a hearty bowl of all your favorite content for your lunch/dinner.

After you place your order,
you will see the staff analyzing your form & start collecting the ingredients.

So this is how my lunch looks like.
I ordered Superfood topped with Salmon & a cup of Chamomile Honey Tea 

The salmon is quite fresh and i also like the texture of my salad.
The pumpskin is sweet & the combination of the whole bowl of texture was awesome.
Tasting a little milky but lightness in flavoring.

My colleague customized her bowl of salad with a cup of watermelon juice.
A reference on their FAB10 'California Girls' and changed some ingredients & topped with chicken breast for a satisfying craving in almost everything perfect for the toungue.

The salad is very fresh looking, their avocado is cut fresh & their chicken is very tender.

My colleague customized her bowl of salad with chicken breast, baby potato, broccoli, bean sprout, long beans, spinach & noodles.
It's quite a weird combination to me but she enjoyed her meal because they are all her favourite.

So the whole shop does not has got a 'loud' shout out in their decorations or design.
But they greatly have got a good menu for a healthy body despite it is a little pricey for a one time meal (minimum RM20 with beverage) but i felt quite full & happy after dining. 


Hour: Tuesday to Sunday, 11am~9pm. Monday
Contact: +60 3 78320524
Address: Off G31, Oasis Village, Oasis Square Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Oasis Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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