Beauty Moa: Korean Animal Mask

This is definitely cute
To have a fun night playing while applying your mask!

Exclusively from Beauty Moa, totally imported directly from Korea
Let me present you Cherimoa's Animal Mask collection.
It is widely use in Korea & also this will be a perfect gift for the coming Halloween & Christmas!

From Left: Vampire (Anti Wrinkle: Super Moisture), Panda (Whitening), Penguin (Hyper Moisture), Tiger (Nourishing)

I had this mask for quite some time. But when i got it, i could not wait to use it to scare my friends.
This is how the Tiger Mask looks like in the print.

It is quite realistic print & when i apply it on my face i had the moment of being a tigger without my tail in the house. Jumping all around!
It is quite moisture, it is suppose to be a wrinkle aid mask. Means it contain some certain vitamins to aid our wrinkle on our facial skin.

Because the print was very realistic.
So i had to wait for the chinese hungry ghost month to get over, only then date to apply the vampire mask!
I would not want to scare myself with my mask at night during the hungry ghost month. Scary.

So as what i had expected. The print was quite funny.
The Vampire Mask is an Anti-Wrinkle mask, thus it surely contained some collagen to achieve a flawless skin like a Chinese Vampire.

So i became very scary in a sudden.
Super moisture mask.
Important is when i walk around the house with my huge eyes open wide, everybody was startled.

What i think?
This is quite a fun mask. 
It contains quite a moisture liquid content in the package & also fragrant free.
Importantly is that this will be a perfect gift for friends & family as everybody will tend to bond laughter at each other & having fun together. 


Address: No 7, Jalan Radin Bagus 7, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000, Sri Petaling, KL
Hours: 10am till 9pm (daily)
Contact: 03 905 40407 / (Mr Han) 016 916 2013
Price Range: As low as RM15 & above


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