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Hey Darling,
Lets Coffee ;)

A mist of all the great expanding of cafes in our neighborhood lately, there must be one cafe that make us all would want to go back every time. But when it comes to the busy SS2 neighborhood, there is one hidden gem of cafe that had greatly inked in my head.

Coffee Me Darling
A hearty simple & cozy interior, focus on what majority & special need of us need to feed our tummy. It is not hard to get convinced that owner had paid much effort in both interior & the cafe's menu.

The interior space has got very simple layout & simple fit out.
but they tend to look beautify with the combination used of wood color & the cozy lighting

Adore me Darling
Your food will be serve with love

Lets start with something simple,
The Big Breakfast where everybody will not get bored of.
Serve with scrambled egg, croissant, hash brown, sauteed mushroom, turkey ham & salad

And with a Big Breakfast, you just have got to match it with a hot cup of the inhouse latte.

Or if you are curious enough,
they also have got their in house blend of Toufufa Latte
The toufufa was soft & it tasted nice with the coffee.
Nothing too thick nor nothing too soy.

Next, is the very beautiful Tengku Tan Benedict
The Egg is beautifully served like a flower, on top of the sauteed mushroom 

And the melting york from the egg  makes you no doubt of the saliva taste melting in your mouth.
You can entrust the chief's skill totally.

They also have got deep fried egg pn bread.
They dip the break into egg white & top it with egg york while frying.
Something indifferent in the menu, the egg is half cooked.
It's another melting dish.

If you are feeling too dry in tasting, they have got very delicious blend of soup.

Every soup is thickly blended with the ingredients to create the soup.
You can taste the mini bits of the cauliflower & mushroom in every spoon in your mouth.
They also sprinkled some healthy olive oil to give some smoothness in the soup.

As soups are categorized as appetizer,
Darling also has got this special dip.
It is all thinly sliced & deep fried crunchy, and it taste thickly alongside with the curry sauce

Because we have got a very strong taste of curry,
we balanced our taste bud with some acid splash of Strawberry Lemon Slush
Served beautifully.

Darling's carbonara is a must try.
Thick & creamy.
You wont get bored of every bite & also you cant stop craving for more.

Minestrone Soup with Penne is a special made menu.
This dish is specially made to serve everyone who wanted to have a soupy bowl of paste during the rainy day. So you will get to hearty hot bowl of soup to fill your tummy in the cold weather.

They also have got local infused meal.
Ikan Percik was fresh & everybody love this dish.
With the combination of the egg, fish, lemon grass sauce & rice, this is highly favourite by the people & also worthy for the pricing (after you tasted it you will know).
Huge portion!

Grilled chicken is very tender.
But it tasted a little weird with the oregano mushroom sauce.

The chicken well cooked with tender
And every bite will tend to burst with juiciness. Tasted so good.

Made with Roasted Marshmallow with creamy hot thick chocolate underneath.
With every crunchy biscuit dipped into the smores, the marshmallow will melt & stick onto it.
You can eat it with the fruit & cream served with it.

Darling signature?
Every menu is their signature.
They tend to filter & specialize in each & every menu served on board. So if you are craving for something light, they have got fusion of light meals in the menu. Their All day breakfast are all served with their signature egg melting skills. And also some heavy heart taste of meals like chilli chicken rice or ikan percik.

They tend to also have got a wide range of coffee & tea serve in the cafe too.
So if you are looking for a gathering place, Darling can fit every requirement of taste in their menu.
Cozy ambience, well air-conditioned [they also have got outdoor smoking spot], friendly staff & also locating in good hot spot of the neighborhood.  
Lets go darling,
What are you waiting for? 

Coffee Me Darling

Address : No. 153, Jalan SS2/24 Petaling Jaya, 47300 Selangor
Hours : Tue-Thu : 8am - 12am | Fri-Sun : 8am - 1am
Food Ink:


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