Bollywood Pro Cosmetic

Havent you read about my post about Bollywood Profession Cosmetic party a few weeks ago?
This time i am back to write more about the goodie bag i got & i won during the event!

Lets take a look what's so different about the brand & others.

What i like about this brand because it has got a very simplicity package.
Black, Bold & very vibrant color product.
Of course they have got some nude & lighter color tone to suit your theme.

It seems like Bollywood PRO sticks to the very basic packaging image where everyone is familiarize with. And also, they dont really advert much about their cosmetic in the market. Eg, no tv or radio advert. They must be real good to sustain in the market, isnt it?

As you can see, this is one of their luxury category lip gloss.
Just apply a good amount of gloss onto your lips with the tip, and in the below pic you can see that the tip has got a good absorption, not those dip where your liquid is dropping fast.

If you dont fancy lip gloss, they have got lipstick too!
The colors are somewhat similar with the gloss selection. So if you are looking for the same color in the gloss category, the lipstick carries it too.
Just the difference is one is matt one is gloss.

And if you ask me if it's long lasting onto your lips?
Does it smudge?

I have got a very dry & peeling lips, and this is not a tattoo lipstick/gloss.
Thus the color tends to drop off from my lips, but of course it doesnt drop drasticly. Just bit by bit depending on how much items/object is in contact with your lips (touching). But if you are careful with it, it can last you at least 6 hours without fading. Eg, drinking with a straw.

Not to mentioned, it moisturized my dry lips!

This eye shadow was a complimentary in the goodie bag.
The color does not suit my skin that well, thus i blend it with some maroon red powder & apply it very minimal on my cheek. Or i use it on my bottom eye shadow on the edging.

But of course, it has got other nice shadow color for your selection in Muse by Watsons.
Also, they have got very nice baked powders. I am very tempting to get them!

And yes, the eye shadow lasted quite well on my skin ;)

The STAR perfume is as sweet as a caramel candy.
Just a little amount of the sample could make my day feeling as sweet as candy.

Also, sweet smell can actually melt everybody's day!
Ps: i like the START logo on the perfume.

There is some good in the product because it does stay quite long lasting.
Also, the colors are very strong & bold.
One thing i like about the product is the selection of colors available are quite daring & also sexy.
And what the brand promises is that all the product contains nourishing content for your skin while wearing the cosmetic. It's like a skincare + make up, so it's a win win situation where you can wear it on all day long & yet absorbing nutrition under it, so that your skin wont break out with oil that fast.

If you are interesting in trying Bollywood PRO, you could get a free trial make up at MUSE by WATSONs anytime! Just walk into their outlet in Sunway Pyramid, and get your best tryout with their in-house make up artist available in store. ;)


Hours: 10am - 10pm
Phone 03 56241261
Address: Sunway Pyramid LG1.59, Lower Ground One, No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan


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