BEAUTY MOA | the Indifferent Korean Comestic Shop

You've heard about Korea's Cosmetic Brands.
You've heard about Korea's Pretty Babes.
You've heard about Korea KPOP & Celebrities.
Also, You've heard about Korea Online Shopping Haul.

We all know Korea is a good place & cosmetic heaven to the ladies.
But do you know that in Malaysia, we could also get the ultimate experience of Korea SkinCare Heaven in just ONE STOP, ONE SHOP?
Let me introduce you BEAUTY MOA
The one stop of Korea's Trending SkinCare Products & Items
All in almost exact the same pricing as in Korea & What is great that you can up close personal test the product on yourself in the shop!

Left is the korean translator & Beauty Moa's Director Ms Sunny. 
Right is Blogger Adeline & Me 

You can see the interior of the shop is somewhat very clean & neat in their product's arrangement.
Firstly, you will be welcome with a glimpse of warmth of the veneer shelving. Then you will feel amazed with the variety of products in the shop.
Left & Right are products shelving, all in different branding where we might not have heard before but i was told that they are HOT ITEMS in KOREA! 
Middle is the Mask shelving display.

If you are looking for an upclose personal skincare products, Beauty Moa is the right shop just for you. 

But First, Let me introduces you to some product display which caught my eyes when i entered the shop.
Yes, this is the infamous Horse Oil, by MJL.

In early generations where technology was not developed back then, we tend to heal through herbs & natural ingredients in which could be found in the mountain or doctors. (Yes, i'm talking about prolly a thousand years ago where everyone depending on horse & farming to survive) Horse oil was one of the remedy in healing during the war to heal wounds for the soldier & for skincare routine for the ladies.

Now, the Koreans had redeveloped this (used to be basic) remedy & upgraded the content with not more than 5% of medicine (skin restoration & hydration) as daily use
It is slightly expensive compare to a moisturizer but it tends to works x10times faster in skin restoration & moisturizing.

Beauty Moa also sells some starter kit
exactly as seen in Korea & they are widely seen in all drugstore in Korea too.

Beauty Moa also imported CHERIMOA's product. 
One of the famous product by CHERIMOA is their animal face mask which is lovable internationally & you can find it in Beauty Moa too.
If you drop by to the shop, 
You could also get one of any free treatment below:
1. Beauty Moa Nail Polish
2. Free Face Massage
3. Free Make Up
They have got gorgeous collection of colors & nail art in the shop!

And if you like the items, you can purchase them too.

They have got a facial room for facial massage treatment.
Also, they uses their in house products on the shelve.
Beauty Moa highlighted that they do not use cheap products for all the free treatment, this is because they believe that everybody deserve the best once they walked into the shop. 
Also, at the same time you will get to feel the difference with the products after using it.

So what if you have got sensitive skin & you wondering the products suit you or not?
Dont worry, because at the make up corner, they have got a skin analysis tool to check on your skin condition & to know what you are lacking under your beauty face.

You can see the make up corner is very cosy. They set up a studio like mirror with light so that you can see clearer on the difference of your face while they do the magic on you.
NOTHING HIDDEN. because they use white light!

these are the make up kit prepared & will be used during the make up treatment!
The Bronze color are so beautiful!

Besides than the free treatment. If you are looking for a skincare consultation, they also can do an upclose personal demonstration for you with the products on the shelf!
And if you are confused with the whole wide range of difference branding displayed, dont worry. You can start browsing with Beauty Moa's recommendation shelve on the left of the shop!
Top 2nd shelf: I heard about SUPIA before as it is widely well known for their anti wrinkle & the target audience in Korea was about age 35 & above. The Korean guys uses it too.

Bottom 2nd shelf: I was told by a Korea Guy in the shop that Pung Dang is very famous in Korea especially to the adult teenagers. Pung Dang means the sound water bouncing. So your skin will be as bouncy & soft like water after using Pung Dang. Current Korea Trending item which nearly sold out. Why not try it eh?

And the famous Labstory, developed in the US, well-ly sold in Korea.
It is very very famous in Thailand too

If you read my previous post about Labstory Vline Btox Lifting Cream
You will understand why it is so famous in Thailand.

Because it works like a miracle & also affordable for long span usage.

And Labstory also launch some weird products like Legging Spray.
Just spray it on your leg and it will looks like as if you are wearing legging? hahaha

Labstory Ice Toner: It will create snowflakes when you spray!

So i mentioned earlier, the famous MJL horse oil!
You are advised to use it before sleep & before you apply your make up!
When you rub the white cream on your face, it will also form water, just continue rub it until it is fully absorbed!

Beauty Moa also released their inhouse product!
The Cloud (Whitening Anti Wrinkle):
Please dont be shock when you try this product. It really really whitened your skin after applying. We tested it on someone's dark eye circle & it immediately lighten the dark tone 50% lighter!

And of course will be always be snail therapy products!
Snail is very famous for healing sensitive skins.

And also they have got Synake therapy too.
Synake boosting extract.

Besides than just skincare,
Beauty Moa also has got some cute cosmetic items.

Eg: Ice Cream flavoured lip gloss!

Then the Hand Jam which serves like a cream moisturizer!
Very very cute packagine. ^^

And there is cooling mask (reusable).
This is to cool down your face if you have got irritate/puffy/redness/or you feel hot
This is like a ice pack which fits on your face, so if you apply a moisture mask or cucumber on face, you can apply this face pack on top of your moisture mask/cucumber for better absorption
It will also cool down your face.

And in the mask shelf,
they have got many ampoule mask & special area treatment mask for your selection.
You dont really find these in the market, right?

And besides than mask, they also sell soap bar in cute packaging!
I like the gold bar soap. hahahah!

So Beauty Moa seems to look like an ALL-IN-ONE skin care shop which sells assorted type of brand and they are all trending item in KOREA. 
You also can find a few skinfood, nature republic or faceshop product in the shop. But they only consist of 5% of the display comparing to the rest of the products displayed.
All in familiar branding which does not have got outlet in Malaysia, & also unknown products which are Korea Hit's item.
What i like about Beauty Moa is that you dont have to feel stress that it is a must to buy anything even when you walk into the shop. With their sales person introducing you each  & every product, definately you will feel awkward if you walk out empty handed, but to them is that THEY WANTS YOU TO KNOW THE GOODNESS OF THE PRODUCT, they wont force you to buy it. They just wants to educate you on how to use them & also they will only introduces you products in which your skin needs!

Mind you, Director Sunny looked at me & immediately she can diagnose i have got some sensitive skin in certain areas. I'm impressed, because not many realizes it even my facial beautician.

Everything fully imported from KOREA, no GST, no SERVICE TAX.
A One Stop Korea Skincare Buffet Shop where you feel you're wanted & you also will want what is best for your skin!
And just like in korea, you wont walk away without any free gift!
Just make a minimum of RM50 purchasement you can get a free mask! 
RM50 - Vita, snail mask, MJL
RM100 - Return ll skin pack
RM190 - Animal mask 4 pack
RM250 - Cosmetic Pouch, Pepero
RM300 - Cloud cream
RM500 - Labstory eye cream
RM800 - Labstory eye cream + horse oil cream B tox cream + any item RM200 free V-line Botox mask
And i can guaranteed you you will hit up to RM100 easily because i got well convinced with the live demo on the spot! Also not to mentioned, i got amazed by the korean beauty routine. Salute to them & their techniques!


Address: No 7, Jalan Radin Bagus 7, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000, Sri Petaling, KL
Hours: 10am till 9pm (daily)
Contact: 03 905 40407 / (Mr Han) 016 916 2013
Price Range: As low as RM15 & above


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