Esmeria: Soothing Organic Food for Skin

Everybody knows about Organic
But have you ever tried using one?

Or have you ever wonder why organic products are forever a little costly from the normal products?
Or maybe you are wondering, why should i get an organic product where i can get same effective product in a cheaper cost?

It's all about our mindset thinking & also what is good for our skin.
Organic products are less chemical ingredient & only developed through natural ingredients to get the best & effective stem to solve & moist our skin.

Let me introduce you Esmeria Soothing Organic Products
It started off when i was googling online about local organic products and Esmeria just came accross me with interest towards their products & packaging.

We all love everything which comes with nice packaging. As we are all educated that organics are plainly in very simple packaging & also straightforward content. But what i like about Esmeria is the branding image & also the splash of 'flower image colors' used on their packaging.

Then the smell of the products are undeniable floral unique.
What is Esmeria?
Esmeria is an organic product which under the same company as the infamous BUDS baby product.
Baby skin are very sensitive & fragile. Thus you can entrust Esmeria if you have got sensitive skin.

For Sensitive Skin Only?
No. It can be wide use to any skin condition. Because we are mostly all expose to UV, chemical or any harmful related products daily be it with your cosmetic/outing/indoor. Esmeria's product are manufactured with organic content which is good for our skin. 

It has got a wax smell in this content. Then slowly the bursting smell of a pinch of aloe & nice extract will come to your sense & the nicest part is when you applied it your skin tends to absorbed it real fast. Keep your skin locked moist & refreshing at the same time. 

I like this smell of this cream which content of Balloon Vine Extract smell (the smell of fresh morning garden) with Salicornia (a succulent plan) smell. The smell is very nice despite the waxy smell due to the oil. This one you are encourage to apply all over your body.
The only problem is that it's too small for overall body, so it's best that you focus on sensitive skin areas which is expose to the sunlight.

Just apply a 50sen size of content onto your palm & rub it with both hands & slowly use your finger to comb your hair to apply this product, slowly.
I like the buttery smell of this product & to me it's like having some candy in the air!

This has got bubble effect making my bath so happy with bubbles forming non-stop during my shower. Hahahaha!
After shower my skin tends to soften like a baby, smooth.

Both of this product has got a similarity. It bubbles up very fast. This is good for our scalp as we are always encourage not to apply the shampoo gel direct to our scalp, thus when i was using this my wet hair it tends to bubble up very fast on my hair end. Then slowly forms up to your whole head.
The only thing which is indifferent is the smell of both product. Very very flowery smell!

In previously i mentioned about their package. 
Despite it is an organic product, they tend to have very sleek design. 
In picture you can see the opener has got a nice layering design & the size is just good for hand grip too.

And all their products are nicely labeled with colors of the main content of the ingredient.
Colors are very important to me! (as a designer) lol

Content all is crystal clear with very nice scent despite all products are made with different extract.
No coloring done & No hidden content from the product context.
Very refreshing.

I would say that if you come across with Esmeria, please do give the a try or at least a smell of their content. They tend to use very natural ingredient in which create a feel of Breeze & Refreshing green/nature smell. And as an organic product, i know there are alot of selection in the market for you to choose but surely there is something which make Esmeria indifferent! Is because of their expertise in the baby products make me have some entrust of their goodness which can give us the adults a turnover for our skin to have healthy content daily. Skin Food!
They also have got all the 'soothing' labelled onto their title, this is because people who are suffering with skin problem tends to have peeling/itching. Thus the product can help up to sooth your skin problem.

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