SkinSoul: Natural Volume Attack Mascara

Mascara is a must wear/apply item every time when i walk out the house in make up.
Be it casual, light or heavy make over. 
Mascara, is one of the very important must wear item for me.

But in order to apply a mascara, we need to find a good mascara!
Let me introudce you the Skinsoul Mascara: Natural Volume!

This mascara has got a volumizing your lashes effect.
It tends to make your lashes grow slightly longer after you apply, & also if you keep applying it daily.

Yes, it will make your lashes grow a little longer.

So it is suppose to lengthen/extend my lashes all day without smudging.
Fuller, longer & beautiful curled lashes are guaranteed.

In this below pic is where i am trying to apply the mascara during work.
So i applied my daily foundation with eyebrow & liner.
You can see my lashes are quite visible. That's what i got after apply two week of mascara and my lashes tends to be thicken/bold in every strand.

So i am going to apply my mascara before i apply my under eye-line.

 You can see in this pic that i had applied my first layer of the skinsoul mascara.
It stroke every of my lashes strand.

And now my lashes is even thicker but looking very natural.
I only applied on my left eye, my right eye is still clean!

And below is the before & after.
So after i applies, my lashes are surprisingly even longer.
Without double apply the mascara or applying additional/different mascara for extension.

And another blow up view of my ugly skin but clear view of the left side applied mascara with my right lashes is still clean.

Then i applied both of my eye lashes.

Very natural looking & i love it.
My lashes tends to grow along with it and when i apply my lashes grow even longer.

And the ingredients are written in 'black & white' with no hidden content.
It stated that they uses a high level of Vitamin C to stimulate hair growth and some traditional medicine like Mulberry Root to boost metabolism in our lashes.

This seems to be interesting to me. I only thought our skin need vitamin c, but lashes are also well cared like our hair strand too!

So here is a simple explanation of the benefit use of Mulberry Root Extract.
Dont worry, your lashes wont grow white (because of the whitening effect) but because it consist of a sort of vitamin in which will boost out skin, it's good for our lash as it will strengthen our lash roots.
So after apply of 2 week with Skinsoul mascara, it stated in the chart that i only get 80% of the maximum lenghten effect on my lashes! I cannot imagine what will happen after 2 weeks more and it's getting real exciting now!

And also some proven testimonial. 

After apply 2 week with SkinSoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara, there is nothing much to concern except seeing my lashes getting longer weekly. No odor, no side effect, waterproof too.
The only concern about this product is that it is quite costly. about RM206.70 for a 8ml mascara in the market, inclusive of GST. 

Despite the costly price, good thing is that i dont have to buy an addition mascara for strenghten because Skinsoul Natural Volume Attack Mascara is an All-In-One item. Some products you need to buy two, one is for fiber lengthening, one is for thickening. 

Also after apply it all day, Skinsoul mascara tends to stay very well without smudging. 
But it is worth a try if you are seeking for a lengthening solution in natural & safe condition.
Below are the details where you can get the item from Skinsoul outlet! or their online store at their website!

Skinsoul Malaysia Outlet

  • Parkson Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 
  • Nu Sentral, 
  • IOI City Mall, 
  • Holiday Plaza Johor, 
  • 1st Avenue Penang 
  • Metrojaya Mid Valley 



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