Premier Clinic : YAG Laser for Dull Skin

If you are my frequent reader, you will know that i have got dark skin tone.
And after the LONG RAYA BREAK.,. i came back looking like a charcoal skin lady where all my make up & foundation were not blending well with my skin. 

That's a very disaster to us all girls when we tend to get darker.

So i casually visited Premier Clinic at Taman Tun Dr Ismal (TTDI)

Located on the same row as Maxis & Pizza Hut.
Yes i know it's a pain to find a parking there, 

but they have got a VIP parking right infront of the shop.
And the great news is that they wont do more than 2 person in a session.
So the whole clinic is totally less than 10people with exclusive caring & focus just ONLY ON YOU.

The specialist doctors are actually well known through media exposure.
They write articles & also made appearances on television.

I was saying i have got dark skin tone, 

but in this pic it did not stands out my skin tone in the picture because of my poor front camera pixel.
So it happened like this,

I came back from my holiday local trips and was trying to do some lipstick review.
After applying my make up FRESH..
My facial skin tone is immediate expose to my camera under the natural sun light.
I'm Tanned. 2 tone lighter than my usual skin tone. 

So my makan kaki Nicole came to my rescue
She suggested me to go Premier Clinic for consultation
She was there to consult for her dark eye circles.
And i was there to consult on my skin toning. 

Their walls are all covered in wall coverings. 
They tend to soft down the tones with subtle color & texture 

So that all information / brochures/ leaflet will not create a confusion environment while you read.
Very cozy & welcoming

I was escorted into a holding room while waiting for the doctor to be available.
In this room, there's cushioned chairs with a folder consist of all their treatments available and also their client's review & testimonial videos.

1. What is Premier Clinic?
One of Malaysia's Leading Aesthetic clinic. It believes that everyone is beautiful and it's aim to bring your inner beauty to surface and outshine your best in you. Also, Aesthetic treatment can boost both your confidence and outlook. One simple treatment can make a whole lot difference in people. 

2. Is Aesthetic Treatment Safe?
Yes it is safe, but depending on individual's situation. Thus it is always best to consult from specialist towards the type of treatment you are seeking. Because i might be your skin condition might not suitable in some treatments, or if you are suffering from any illness and it might not work well. So it's always best to consult the specialist and they will give you their best options which suits you and you decide on which to opt.

So i was appointed to Dr Elaine Chong. 
She has got a very soft voice with gentle look.
Her sweet voice literally melted me!

So i told her about my concern towards my darker & dull skin tone.
She recommended me two types of treatment.
- Pigment Laser "q-Switch Nd: YAG Laser"
- Acid Peel
But before i made the decision, she will elaborate further towards why & what might caused me to have such dark & dull skin tone. Because if i were to get dark skin from tanning, but my skin should be dull too because dull skin tends to be a daily accumulate process which caused the effect. 

3, What cause dull skin?
Dull Skin is part of natural aging in which all of us will occur.
Lack of sleep!!! (Yes i only sleep for 5 hours daily).
Busy Lifestyle people who is taking up most of the day in social & workload without resting & refreshing.

4. How "q-Switch Nd: YAG Laser for Dull Skin" works?
Emit high energy light. 
This laser treatment actually treating/eliminating skin cells which affect the skin condition. It will generate new layer good cells & is able to penetrate deeply without injuring your outer skin. It also triggers the production of new collagen & vital proteins that help skin in repairing itself.

5. How long does the whole process take?
Less than 1 hour. 
- 30 minute numb cream application
- 15 minute laser treatment + ice cooling

6. Not suitable for who?
Suitable for all skin type.

7. But may not suitable if:
- You have been prescribed Roaccutane in the last 6 months
- The treatment area is infected or has dermatitis
- Pregnant
- You have experienced abnormal wound healing or keloid scarring
- You are using light sensitising medication Prone to seizures triggered by light

As a first timer, i had never heard of how laser can whiten my skin tone. As for the acid peel, your skin tends to peel and regenerate and new skin after the few days peel. So i opt for laser treatment for my first time and wanted to feel how laser works to whiten!

 Then i was transported to another room and the staff cleansed my face and put on some numb cream onto my facial. Waited for 30 minutes lying there for my face skin to get numb so that i wont feel any electric impact from the laser treatment later.

After 30 minutes of silence, Dr Elaine came in with all the equipments and broke the silence with her sweet voice. Her voice makes me feel like i need not to worry about anything & everything will be safe under her hand.

What i experience about the laser treatment?
I  can hear the soft electric sound clearer when my eyes are closed & i only can rely onto my nose & ear senses. The Laser momentum was like in Up Down movement. Like it's going between 2cm gap of UpDown movement around your face and within 15minutes, it's done! No pain occured at all too! The air sucker was there to suck the smell emitted by the laser machine. So i can keep breathing fresh air in the room.

I like the cooling mask after the treatment, my face was numb and when the cooling mask was laid on my face it feel so relaxed. One thing is lacking is the long 30 minutes wait of numb cream. No entertainment. But i get to nap so it's fair enough that i get to rest.

Any Post- Treatment?
I was told that i can go on with my daily routine but avoid whitening or acidic products. Because my skin is going into recovery so i have to let the cells generate then only can use back the products after a week from the treatment.
There is no swelling, scarring, bruise or any major effect done after observation through recover after 7 days. I did not get any skin redness but my skin tends to peel a bit on the nose area.

So i took this after a week of my treatment & i am happy about it.

I am holding a cookie with a brown tone to show you of my skin condition did get lighter after the treatment. Of course, after the treatment, i have also been working hard in apply sunscreen & moisturizer for my skin to heal faster. Sunscreen is indeed very important too. ^^
If you scroll back up to my picture of my dark tone, you will see there is a whole lot different and i am now more confident in doing make up reviews better!

Just a one time treatment and i already had seen some goodness in me!

So i was advice to keep my skin condition after a period of several month.
As this treatment actually consist of 6 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart but depending on your skin condition. 
I can imagine if i were to go for full 6 session, i would be the fairest of them all!

If you are interested in consulting for treatment, please do give Premier Clinic a call!
They are very friendly & also exclusively treating you in consultation within the clinic without other interruption.

Call Dr Elaine Chong! Her voice is really really sweet!

Premier Clinic TTDI
Address : 31, Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 KL. or 40 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL.
Waze : premier clinic ttdi
Contact : +6012-6625552
Website :
Facebook :
Dr. Elaine Chong :
Email Address :
Instagram : premier_clinic


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