I Love... Bath & Shower

is a brand =)

and what i love about this brand's product?
I LOVE... the moisture & fruity fragrant of the products!

Imported by 'Muse by Watsons'
Because it is extraordinary good for skin & flavoring my whole house with it's fragrant with just a little use of quantity!
Also in addition, muse by watson source both beauty & inspired premium products with experiences that enable everybody to discover their own beauty potential all in one stop one shop!

I LOVE... History
This brand is founded back in year 2008 with its British founder, James Brown, who has got a personal passion for fabulous smelling & fun fragrances. So he used his extraordinary nose to create an exciting new bath, body & beauty brand. It is now successfully sold globally & well loved in Europe,United States, Canada, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Russia & many more countries.

I LOVE...  Product Range
It has successfully released 7 fragrance line across a selection of bath & shower products, body butters, lip balms, hand & body lotions and a range of Gift Set.
Malaysia is currently selling their fabulous famous range: Bath & Shower, Hand & Body Lotions.

I LOVE... Content
Proud of its British roots, I LOVE is strongly committed in sourcing & manufacturing mostly of it's products from UK suppliers. It could be packed in other country (stated in my bath & shower products are in HUNGARY) but its ingredient are well loved sourced from UK.

I LOVE... Focus
To bring fresh innovations with more delicious, luxurious, fun & nature inspired range to everybody!

Every product is tight sealed.
So you wont be afraid of hygiene from the shop shelving and also the possibility of exposure to the public.

I got the traveling size where it is only 100ml content only.
Easy & convenient for traveling.

The product's color is as true as labelled.
It is milky transparent and when it touches water it tends to mixed well and slowly creating bubbles for showering.

I LOVE... Coconut & Cream
It is thick with coconut flavor, it is so strong that i felt the urge to go to the beach for the sea breeze.
I was already imagining myself at Maldives... ....

I LOVE... Raspberry & Blackberry
Very thick & sweet in berrilicious smell! It is so fruity that i hope the product is edible!

I LOVE... Mango & Papaya
Before i was wondering how the mixture of this two fruits can be combined. But the moment when i unseal the bottle, the can smell the two thick flavoring of mango & papaya in the air. I can smell it out differently and at the same time you can smell the combination in the air together.

So i opened the daring RED bottle 'I Love.. Raspberry & Blackberry' bubble bath for a demo to show on the bubble cleansing of the product.

As i mentioned above, the berry fragrant was running wildly in the air.
It's quite a compact liquid and then i on my water tap to run some water on my hand & to start rubbing it in clockwise to rinse it off.
Surprisingly the bubble start forming very fast after a few quick motion of rubbing.

Then i rinsed it the bubble off my hand and to find that my skin smells very good.

It also cleanses my skin well & feeling hydrated.
No sticky feeling nor de-hydrate/dryness on skin.
No itching or irritation. 

And after 2 hours of rinsing off i could still smell the berry fragrant mildly on my skin!

So besides than the bubble bath show creme, 
I LOVE... also has got a few more items released to food your skin! 

All in a worthy price to pamper your skin.
Exfoliating sounds awesome.
We need to detox our skin at least once a week!
And then to moisture your skin with some body lotion.
I like how simple the packaging is.
And also to give moist to your hand & fingers.
So that your skin wont grow more wrinkle!

And a little more treatment to boost your skin condition too

So now everybody can grab this fun & delicious I LOVE bath series at MUSE by WATSONS
Personally thinks that this product is quite motivating with its fragrance.
I felt relaxed & happy after my long day in work after my shower with I LOVE products.
Sometimes all we need is to create some fun in the air to motivate us eh?

Website: http://www.watsons.com.my/musebywatsons#
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MusebyWatsons
Hours: 10am - 10pm
Phone 03 56241261
Address: Sunway Pyramid LG1.59, Lower Ground One, No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar Sunway 47500 Selangor Darul Ehsan

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  1. Nice review...Pretty little bottles to enjoy.. and I like the fact it is tightly sealed...good for bringing around...