Fresh Code: 7days Juice Detox Success

I use to buy juices from Fresh Code when they first started off at Damansara Uptown in a mini half shop-lot locating at the busy street with lots of signage board.

It was quite a difficult to notice the sign board, but it was outstanding enough for people to catch a glimpse at their shop because of the GREENS they use in their logo & interior, among the busy commercial area.

But they are no longer there early this year, thus i google out Fresh code and got to their contact in facebook and found out they are promoting a 7day detox with FREE DELIVERY!

So i ordered a full 7day juice detox with them & got a very quick respond from them.

 The box of juices was delivered to my doorstep and the juices were still frozen cold!

Not to mentioned, top up a little more sum of money to get the cooler bag. This bag is seriously very convenient as it keep my juices temperature cold when i travel.
*highlight: the bag can keep warm too.

Firstly, let me explain a few things below.

1. What is Fresh Code?
Fresh Code tends to aim to promote a healthy lifestyle for everybody. They tend to experience & giving all sorts of solution to bring natural vitamins & healthy content into our busy life. Thus they find out that fruits are the best ingredient which can brings out the best natural vitamins and also it's vegan! 

2. Fresh Code promises?
No coloring, no flavoring, no preservatives & no sugar added.

3. How guarantee they can go especially with the coloring?
Fruits itself contained natural sugars, fruit itself too has got loads of variety.
*Example for an apple, we have US apple, FUJI apple, Local apple. They are all indifferent in taste & crunchiness. 
Thus Fresh Code tends to keep experimenting on all the fruit taste & sourcing out the best combination in flavouring & also the colors are all natural. 
*Note: you try to blend a green apple, it comes out green right?

So, i had unpacked my box of juice.

I know there is 8 pack in the pic because i personally went to the shop to take this picture as on their 5th day there is two option. Tropicana Juice or Mixed Berry.
When they say 7days Detox with Juice, means one day one juice. 7 days, 7 juices for all 3 meals everyday. 

So the fruit pictures on the cover are the ingredient content that they used in their juice. 
You can blend the juices yourself at home, but to achieve the exact taste you would also need to source out for the same fruits & amount of content for every fruits involved. 

If you read above my content. I mentioned that when you blend a green apple you tend to get green color juice, Right? Then i will eventually turn brown because of the vitamins are running off away from the fruits.

4. Fresh Code, No Preservation is a PROMISE.
Because they use this technology call Cold High-Press Juicing. 
All their front label stated that they use high water pressure technology to keep the fruit fresh after juicing. Meaning they blend & immediately Cold Press vacuum packed it to keep the vitamins frozen & locked as it is. It's safe & it's natural!

 The english version cover

The Chinese version cover

Different fruits from different country thus they are very honest in the label stating where it's imported from and manufactured. 

One pack of juice can totally fit up to three 350ml of cup (a little bit more too)
So it's just nice for your breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Below are my 7day pictures as a proof and also to observe myself on the changes. 
I am a person who is suffering from constipation thus i drink fibers and juices on off always.

Day 1: Green Miracle: Lots of vegetable blended into this juice 
Rinsing off your stomach as a starter flush. No, no diarrhea was done, only went to toilet once.

Day 2: High Fiber Pinapple: Tasted so good!
Went to toilet once too.

Day 3: Passion Juice: Tasted a little strong but bearable. Toilet Once.

Day 4: Soursop Juice: Tasted milky thick creamy milk!! 

Day 5: Mixed Berry: Antioxidant to restore some moist in the body & skin. 
Tasted Good. Toilet Once.

Day 6: Mango Juice: Tasted crazy strong in mango. Consulted the owner only to know this mango is a specific species of mango which can boost and flush out smaller areas in our stomach. 
Ok accepted!

Day 7: Lychee Juice: I'm pouting because i am sad that i comes to the last day of my juice.
And the right pic is me going to the Fresh Code kiosk at Jaya Mall for more juices!

It's very hard for you to see on my changes in the pics.
But i can felt the changes in me & i gained a very natural glow on my skin & i love it very much.
I did lost at least 1 KG of weight because it really flushed out almost everyday.
And also i am absorbing vitamins everyday from the juices too!

So here is a pic of  a sample of our stomach.

When we eat, the food tends to park in our intestine and we need to drink alot of water every to flush out. But most of us are not so lucky because we tend to constipate very easily.

I by experience, was told that my poop was going to be like the bread chart below.
My poop was black on the first day and gone to the 4th tone light on my last day.
I freaked out in the toilet, seriously. 

That is how i come to an understand that i truely need to detox more often as the food i eat everyday is harming and parking in my intestine. Not to mentioned,

A Healthy stomach with a Healthy Lifestyle leads to a Happy Mood & Glowing Skin!

In this 7days Juice Detox, i am also required to only eat light meals. Dont cheat.
If i can not even go through 7days, then i'm just a loser to a unhealthy body for 365days!

So as i love quick cooking. I tends to pack my own breakfast & eat out lightly.
You also dont tend to feel like eating anything else because you are required to drink one cup of juice before your meal. So the juice keeps you full for 50%!

 I make my own bread with bread maker. 
You can control the sugar & eggs content yourself. 

And i packed my breakfast & lunches myself
lemon dressing or honey dressing are the best!

 I panfry with an oilfree nonstick pan.
And i eat out lightly too.

I had a cheat meal.
I ate coconut pudding.
But it's still LIGHT right? Hahaha

Yeap. I am going to order my 2nd pack again soon as i ate alot of heavy stuff during Raya Festive!
Since Fresh Code comes with a free delivery, and it does not necessary for us to keep drinking it daily but except for 7days montly. I'm sure this can work out well as i really do miss my glowing skin after finishing it for almost a month.

What i gained in this 7days
- 1 KG lost
- Flatter Tummy
- Glowing Skin
- Happy Mood
- Constipation Free

So they have got Lychee Package RM199.30
or Durian Package RM214.10

Personally thinks that as most of us might not could afford to do this every month, include me. They have got one month detox program which is suitable for those who had done their 7days & would love to keep the momentum. 

But this is good if we are suffering from busy lifestyle & also lazy people like me.
So i thought that maybe i could do this every 3 to 4 months, which means it's 3 or 4 times a year!
Every month save RM50 should be no problem. ^^
Consult Fresh Code now if you are interested!
Nothing harm in living a healthier lifestyle 

Fresh Code


  1. interesting info. where u get this detox juice? and is there any side effect to u??

  2. Hi Anys, there is no side effect in this detox juice as all the ingredients are natural! You can PM Freshcode in their FB to purchase it online. ^^

  3. Hi admin, thanks for sharing your knowledge, you can check out out Residential Juice Fasting Detox at The Beach House- Goa, India